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First, sorry if I don't know the correct English terms for the different car parts...

Some weeks ago, I had the luck to buy both the AUTOart and Maisto version of the same car : the CLK LM # 2 " Goodbye Ludwig " from 1998. So an ideal situation to compare both cars....From a distance, both cars look the same (of course), but when you look a little closer...there are quite some differences...
To start with : a picture of the original car (picture courtesy of Ultimatecarpage.com)

Let's start with the front of the car :

Especially the head lights are different, AUTOart uses a crystal clear plastic while Maisto has choosen for the usual frosted plastic. The front fender (?) is made out of 1 piece of plastic (Maisto), AUTOart has a perforated grille with the Bridgestone logo on it.

On the engine hood, the air vents at both sides of the front windscreen are a little smaller at AUTOart's and look by this less rude and more elegant.

The sides of both cars are the same, although decals on the Maisto are little smaller and the suspension is lower on the AUTOart (the front base of the car sticks almost the ground.

The colors at the roof (image of K. Ludwig) are 'hard' on the Maisto and there is a blue line at the back. Notice there are two blue lines on the original car (front and back). These lines are missing on the AUTOart, and I have never seen a Maisto with an antenna on top.

Notice the two completely different engines....The left picture is the original car (courtesy of Ultimatecarpage.com). Also the wheels on the AUTOart are slicks, wile Maisto’s have a pattern on it.

The multiple spoke rims on both cars are the same, but brakes disks and calipers (yellow) are visible on the AUTOart. The tires are marked with a white paint (Potenza/Bridgestone) on the AUTOart....

The back of both cars is almost the same...

For conclusion, I like both cars very much, though the AUTOart is more detailed (decals, engine and even little differences in coachwork)....but on the other hand, the AUTOart is twice as expensive as the Maisto....

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Thanks for doing this comparo. :cheers
Very well done!

I didn't even know that Maisto made this version :giggle

I will have to keep an eye out for one.

Very nicely done, mbc112!!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

I didn't know Maisto made the Bye-Bye Ludwig car as well!

I need the AUTOart CLK-LM. I must get the AUTOart CLM-LM!
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