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CMC 1/18 SLR McLaren Vs AUTOart 1/43

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Hi Guys
Here is a picture that shows some Super cars in great angels.
The Very nice 1/18 SLR McLaren By CMC & the 1/43 of AUTOart.

Do you see the difference?

Click to enlarge Pic

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Welcome! Very nice SLRs. The looks of the CMC have grown on me a bit.
For some reason, the AUTOart SLR wins this one. :cheers
Great comparison Beetle-Jet.

The CMC SLR is one of my favourite models ever. If i could afford it i'd have every colour in both 1:18 and 1:12.

Great pictures Gil! Saw the CMCs at my local store and I was very tempted, but I resisted after knowing how much it cost...
Hi Kelvin
I really know what you mean :giggle
The both of them worth any cent.
ET list you can settle for the 1/43 AUTOart that is very nice and in fair price.
The CMC is a bit expensive round 175 USD

Hope you'll have one in the near future,
I am waiting for the gray color to arrive to me.
Thanks Gil!

I actually do have the SLR from AUTOart and Minichamps, and I think my budget for 1/18 is very low these days.
The models look great, very cool pictures :coolpics
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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