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I'm considering eventually getting Greenlight's 1:18 model of Danica Patrick's 2005 IRL car.

I'm not familiar with Greenlight and the one local shop doesn't have any.

Any comments on their detail/quality/etc?


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Don't expect a lot of bells and whisles and you won't be dissapointed. At the price point, and considering all of the licensing they have to pay, they are an average buy.
Also remember, GreenLightToys are marketers of diecast and not a manufacturer.
Most likely, they do not own the molds, they just commision the cars from someone else so don't be surprised to see a Hot Wheels C6 Pace car.

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Thanks for the info all.

Based on what's been said it's scary what Danica's car is fetching on eBay; not sure it's worth that much.

I'll see what Scale18's price is when he gets it.
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