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Same as with F40.

Comparison of 288 GTO 1:1 scale with 288 GTO by Bburago in 1:18 scale

1:1 Matt black window surrounds
1:18 Body colour
1:1 Yellow outer rear light (with white inner) and red inner light
1:18 Both red
1:1 Cut-outs for 5 front air dam openings in front bumper strip
1:18 Recessed but not fully cut out
1:1 Side intake under door (brake cooling?)
1:18 Intake indentation, but not as deep
1:1 Yellow outer/clear inner indicator lights in front bumper
1:18 Indentation but no lenses
1:1 Non drilled brake rotors
1:18 Black brake rotors (also too small and too far away from wheel hub)
1:1 No handles on rear engine cover
1:18 Large chrome rings
1:1 Recessed shield of Scuderia (Prancing Horse) on front wing
1:18 Decal, no recess
1:1 Prancing Horse and GTO badge are separate and horse is black
1:18 Horse and GTO are touching (and too large) and both are chrome and GTO is underlined
1:1 Space saver spare
1:18 Full size (front) spare
1:1 Zipped cover for spare
1:18 No cover
1:1 Twin black radiators
1:18 Twin grey radiators (too small)
1:1 Bonnet hindged to lift over font body work with with a gas strut
1:18 Bonnet hinged before tip so it enters the space above the radiators
1:1 Bonnet under side black apart from vents which are red
1:18 Body colour
1:1 Vents in bonnet
1:18 Vent recesses but not right through
1:1 Water bottle clear, strut over spare is black
1:18 Both grey
1:1 Red intake casings
1:18 Chromed
1:1 Behr intercoolers metallic grey colour
1:18 Too small and chromed
1:1 Black boot rod to hold boot cover and boot hinges at very rear end
1:18 Boot hinges before very end and intrudes into the engine bay
1:1 Brake cooling ducts(?) are black
1:18 Small and mounted too low (to allow for the boot lid to enter engine bay). Also grey turbo waste gate is not shown and turbo plumbing is not accurate
1:1 Colour is Rossa Corsa FER 300/9 and is the ONLY factory colour
1:18 Red
1:1 2 seat colours. ! Black leather or 2 Black leather with orange seat inserts and red passenger side dash insert (also one on drivers side to left of steering wheel)
1:18 Seats and dash are all tan coloured plastic
1:1 Dash vents are grey (all 5 - 3 circular and 2 ovals
1:18 As above
1:1 Doors are black leather /cloth (lower). The speaker cover has a yellow "Ferrari GTO" badge
1:18 As above
1:1 Dash is covered in matt black material (carpet?)
1:18 As above
1:1 Centre instrument cluster
1:18 Decal
1:1 Transmission surround is black, gear knob is black, switches are black the rest is chrome
1:18 Transmission surround is grey and the rest is chrome
1:1 Map pocket in door is elastically attached
1:18 Open. Also door handle is too far out
1:1 Steering wheel black with yellow badge in centre
1:18 Same as 1:1 (yellow decal)

sounds like the Bburago is a fair bit off in terms of accuracy,
it would be a bit of work to get it looking better

Dirk said:
Both models, GTO and F40 are 15 years pls old. Even Bburago is now doing better.

With some color you can do a lot!

woah!! 15 years!! guess they were very good models back then :lol
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