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comparisons between UT and Kyosho

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I was taking a detailed look at my Kyosho Nissan Z-L yesterday, and something struck me. That model was made in 1997, when UT was still in business.

I didn't collect diecasts yet back then, but why were UT's so much more popular than the Kyoshos? It seems back then, Kyoshos had better subject matter (than now, only BMWs now... :pullhair), and their quality/details are AMAZING! Some of the more recent AUTOart's can't even compare to that Z-L!

Was the price difference between a UT and a Kyosho that much? I heard from you guys that UT's used to cost around 30USD each?

It's just weird to me cause it seems Kyosho has amazing details, and the prices (today) are very competitive, especially with AUTOart's price increases, yet no one really seems to hail Kyosho like they do AUTOart and Minichamps :confused

Thanks in advance for all your comments/tutelage!
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Few years back, much before AUTOart existed, we used to get an Australian tv shopping channel which used to sell a lot of good stuff including diecasts. They used to have half an hour or more everyday slots selling diecast. The majority then were Maisto, UT and Kyosho. The Kyoshos used to always sell for more than twice the amount (around 80 AUD) of the UTs and Maistos. Thats when I first came to know about something better existed than Buragos and Maistos.
I still remember them displaying a UT Porsche GT2 in silver. The host was drooling all over it. Maybe our friends from Australia know about the channel and if it still exists.
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