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Hi all,

It's parallel universe freak out time lol!!!! o_O

Voting is now over for the Q2 2021 Member contest, and I am very pleased to announce, that again, there's a twist! There are joint winners!!

They are myself and David, D N'D-Land !!

The runner up only lost out by one vote, so I'd like to give a mention to Darren aka drivinghermad !! and behind that only one vote less for a joint third place!
preisman & AlexSZ1996 in third.

I'd like to thank all who voted and would like to say a huge congratulations to us. I promise it's not a fix !!

So please join me in congratulating all three places!

Thanks to all who voted!!

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WOW!! Congrats Craig!!!馃憦馃憦 I am shocked that we both keep winning again!! :oops:WOW! However, I'll take it! 馃槉

Also Congrats to everyone else entered in this contest and Cheers to you all as well as EVERYONE who voted for us ALL! 馃嵒 I surely appreciate it! CHEERS!馃

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Big congrats, Craig & Dave!!
More than well deserved as you truly are pillars of this community!! 馃憦馃憤
Of course this holds true for our famous drivinghermad too - so congrats also to you, Darren!
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