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So I figured I'd throw up some pics of my collection that were taken on my phone. Excuse the quality, I promise to do better once I get the new display going.

Sorry also that most are Lotus but that's all the pics I have for now...

GT Spirit Exige Roadster

AutoArt Exige S

AutoArt S1 Esprit 007

Otto Lotus Omega

The display case in the old house - The Lotus World Championship winners /major race winners are in there

Misc Lotus with the four Autoart Bond cars

Some of my Lotus on display at the AACA museum in Hershey for the Lotus Exhibit a few years ago

TSM Type 78

The Lotus Indy Cars
Carousal Type 38
TSM 56
Greenlight Dallara "Lotus"

Type 72 Quartzo and Exoto comparsion

Lotus F1 Cars (I've added all the available ones now)

And Lastly a few non Lotus

AutoArt Hennessy Venom

Exoto Tyrell 003

GT Spirit 911 3.6 Turbo (unboxing)

GT Spirit Aston Martin (unboxing)


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Great collection of Lotus beauties Cornbeef! That Exige Roadster is one I want to get from GTS....I'm a sucker for a roadster. How do you like the acrylic display as a display case?

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I've got the hang of taking decent pics with the iphone, I just need to do it without the random backgrounds!

I have two of the big 12 car cases and 12-14 of the single car ones. I like them a lot but with the size of the collection it's a pita to change the cars out so I was limited to showing 36 at a time. I'm not sure if I'll end up using them once i get the basement set up to display all of them. The 12 car cases are pricey too so it looks like the IKEA shelves will be a lot more cost effective going forward.

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Nice collection!! You have lots of nice ones in there, I like the Lotus Talbot so much!

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Great collection on show there mate, Nothing wrong at all with a Lotus. Thanks for sharing with us all.

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Thanks for all the comments

I'm finally getting around to listing everything and the Billy cases are finally on order��

I have one of each of the available 1:18 Lotus and Lotus inspired cars and one of each of the available 1:18 Jordan F1 cars

So here's the current list

I still need to sort through all the boxes and find the model manufacturers for some but the more recent F1 cars are Minichamps or Hotwheels and most of the others are old and either UT, Bburago or Maisto

Once I get the shelves sorted I'll work on pics

Anyways here's the Current model list (updated 1-14-22)

Lotus esprit v8 Autoart
Lotus esprit s1 007 sub Autoart
Lotus esprit s1 007 car Autoart
Lotus esprit turbo Essex Autoart
Lotus elise s1 Sunstar
Lotus elise s2 Jadi
Lotus exige s2 Autoart
Lotus Europa (111) Autoart
Lotus 49 jim Clark Exoto
Lotus 72D fittapaldi F1 champion Exoto
Lotus 97t senna Minichamps
Lotus 99t senna Minichamps
Lotus elan coupeAutoart
Lotus Elise gt1 GP of Helsinki Chrono
Lotus type 13 elite Yatming
Lotus sunbeam wrc champion Otto
Lotus europa jps Kyosho
Lotus cortina crystal palace winner Clark Autoart
Lotus 78 Andretti f1 world champion TSM
Lotus 56 indycar hill TSM
Lotus 38 Clark Indy winner Carousel 1
Lotus élan convertible Sunstar
Lotus Omega Otto
Lotus 49 hill F1 champion Exoto
Lotus 72 rindt f1 champion Quatrzo
Lotus cortina road car Autoart
Lotus 33 Clark f1 champion Spark
Lotus 25 Clark f1 champion Spark
Lotus 98T Senna Minichamps
Lotus 72E Peterson f1 constructor champion Exoto
Lotus elise GT1 road car Chrono
Lotus E 20 raikonnenMinichamps
Lotus E21 raikonnen Spark
Lotus Renault R31 heidfeld Minichamps
Lotus 11 LeMans class winner BOS
Lotus Esprit turbo white 007 Autoart
Lotus exige s1 GTSpirit
Lotus sunbeam road car Otto
Lotus 79 Andretti world champion Minichamps
Lotus esprit turbo red ski car 007 for your eye only Autoart
Exige s3 Autoart
Exige LF1 GTSpirit
Lotus 24 Jim Clark Spark
Lotus exige s3 convertible GTSpririt
Lotus 56 B F1 TSM
Lotus 311 Autoart
Lotus 101 Spark
Lotus Evora 410 JPS Technomodel
Lotus Evora 410 launch car Technomodel
Lotus 16 Ireland Technomodel
Lotus 40 Clark (Brands Hatch) Technomodel
Lotus 18 Clark Technomodel
Lotus Elise S3 Black Technomodel
Lotus 91 Elio winner austrian gp 82 Tecnomodel
Lotus 12 Allison Tecnomodel
Lotus Exige 430 Tecnomodel
Lotus 18 Moss Monaco GP win Tecnomodel
Lotus Emira Spark

Team Lotus staff TSM
Mario Andretti TSM

Caterham 7 Kyosho
Caterham 7 HPE kyosho
Corvette ZR1 1991 Maisto
Dallara lotus IRL sato greenlight
Delorean dmc12 Sunstar
Ford escort mk1 twin cam Minichamps
Hennessy venom Autoart
Vauxhall VX 220 Maisto

Alfa Romeo 8c
Alfa romeo spyder 1995
Alfa Romeo Spyder 1980s
Alfa Romeo TZ2 Autoart
Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quad Otto
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Autoart
Alfa Romeo TZ Autoart
Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder Autoart

Alpine 1600

Aston martin vanquish
Aston martin db7
Aston martin db5 007 Autoart
Aston martin vantage GTSpirit
Aston Martin DBS GTSpirit

Audi A4 DTM UT
Audi TT rs mk2
Audi rosemeyer
Audi R8 kristensen 2000
Audi r8r biela 1999
Audi R8 kristensen 2002
Audi R8 #3 2002
Audi Quattro sport Autoart
Audi Ur Quattro Autoart
Audi 100s coupe
Audi TT mk1 coupe
Audi TT mk1 convertible
Audi Avus Revell
Audi Quattro Sport S1 HB Audi Team Otto
Audi Spyder BoS
Audi TT mk2 dealer model Minichamps
Audi TT mk3 convertible 16 dealer model Minichamps
Audi TT RS mk 3 GT Spirit
Audi Quattro sport s1 HB Audi Team Otto racing set
Audi R8 V10 plus mk 2 Maisto
Audi R8 GT mk1 Maisto
Audi 80 GT BoS
Audi Coupe GT Otto
Audi V8 DTM Stuck Minichamps
Audi UR Quattro Pikes Peak Rohrl Autoart
Audi UR Quattro Mikkola 81 Lombard Rally Sunstar
Audi 80 quattro (84) Otto
Audi Coupé S2 Otto
Audi RS5 GT Spirit

Auto Union Type C stuck Minichamps
Auto Union Type D CMC
Auto Union Type C world speed record Revell

BAC Mono Autoart

BAR Honda 02 villeneuve

BMW V12 LMR Dalmas 1999
BMW M1 Norev

Brabham bmw bt52 patrese

Bugatti Chiron Maisto
Bugatti eb110 Bburago
Bugatti Veyron Autoart

Car Trailer Motormax

Corvette 1969
Corvette c5
Corvette C4 A Team Greenlight

Detomaso pantera Hotwheels
DeTomaso Mangusta Technomodel

Dodge Viper GTs
Dodge Viper gtsr
Dodge Viper srt10 convertible
Dodge Viper Gts
Dodge Viper RT/10 Bburago

Facel Vega Sunstar

Ferrari 550
Ferrari 360 Modena
Ferrari 456
Ferrari 360 challenge
Ferrari testarosa (1984)
Ferrari gto (1984)
Ferrari f355 spider
Ferrari f50
Ferrari 512 bb
Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari 365 gtb
Ferrari 550 barchetta
Ferrari 360 cabriolet
Ferrari 575mm
Ferrari 512 tt
Ferrari 365 GTs/4
Ferrari 365 gtb
Ferrari 250 California
Ferrari 246 Dino
Ferrari f355 challenge
Ferrari 250 lm
Ferrari 333sp
Ferrari 250 gto
Ferrari testarossa 1958
Ferrari 166 barchetta
Ferrari 250 berlinetta
Ferrari 612
Ferrari testarossa 1987
Ferrari 308 gtb
Ferrari 275 gtb 4
Ferrari LaFerrari Bburago
Ferrari F40 Bburago
Ferrari F50 Hardtop Bburago
Ferrari F40 GT Spirit

Ferrari f399 irvine
Ferrari f1-2000 Schumacher
Ferrari f2001 Schumacher
Ferrari f2002 Schumacher (150th win)
Ferrari f2002 Schumacher (5 championships)
Ferrari f310b irvine (signed)
Ferrari 641/2 Prost Exoto
Ferrari 312 lauda Exoto
Ferrari 312 t4 schekter Exoto

Ford Focus wrc McRae Autoart
Ford Escort wrc thiry UT
Ford Escort Cosworth gpA UT
Ford Sierra Cosworth Norev
Ford Mustang Mach 1 007 Auto World

GMC Vandura A-Team Greenlight
GMC K2500 Sierra The Fall Guy Greenlight

Honda S2000 Maisto

Horch Pullman
Horch 855 roadster

ISO Grifo BoS

Jaguar D type (SS) Steve McQueen Autoart
Jaguar e type coupe
Jaguar e type convertible
Jaguar xk8
Jaguar XK 180
Jaguar XJ 13 Autoart
Jaguar s type
Jaguar mk2
Jaguar XJS
Jaguar XJ220 Maisto

Jaguar r1 irvine Hotwheels

Jordan 191 Schumacher
Jordan 195 Irvine
Jordan 196 Brundle
Jordan 197 fischella
Jordan 198 tower wing hill
Jordan 198 hill
Jordan 199 frentzen
Jordan ej10 frentzen
Jordan ej11 alesi (200th gp)
Jordan ej11 frentzen
Jordan ej12 sato
Jordan ej13 fischella (brazilian gp winner)
Jordan ej13/ej14 launch car
Jordan ej14 heidfeld
Jordan ej15 kartycain
Jordan 911 Test Car Watson Minichamps

Land Rover Defender 110 (Original) Century Dragon
Land Rover Defender 110 (new) Almost Real

Lamborghini countach
Lamborghini Diablo
Lamborghini Muira
Lamborghini murcielago
Lamborghini Diablo gtr
Lamborghini murcielago
Lamborghini LM002 GT Spirit/Kysoho
Lamborghini countach LP400 kysoho

Lancia 037 wrc
Lancia integrale evo2 wrc
Lancia stratos HF wrc Kyosho

McLaren f1 Maisto
Mclaren F1 GTR sala UT
McLaren P1 TSM
McLaren F1 GTR LeMans winner UT
McLaren 720 Autoart

Mclaren Honda MP4/5 senna
Mclaren mercedes MP4/14 hakkinen
Mclaren mercedes MP4/? Hakkinen
Mclaren Mercedes MP4/15 hakkinen
Mclaren Mercedes MP4/18 raikonnen

Maserati 3200gt
Maserati quattroporte
Maserati ghibli Autoart

Mercedes Benz clk gtr
Mercedes Benz 300 sir moss
Mercedes C111 BoS
Mercedes O317 Porsche Transporter Schuco

Mini Cooper 2000 Maisto
Mini Cooper 1966
Mini Cooper countryman Norev

Mitsubishi evo6 wrc Autoart

NAG Bussing Auto Union transporter Premium Classixxs

Pagani zonda Motormax
Pagani Zonda F Rosso Dubai TSM
Pagani Huayra GT Auto
Pagani Huayra Roadster LCD

Panoz esperante gt1 brabham

Plymouth prowler

Porsche 993 cabriolet
Porsche 996 turbo
Porsche 993 carrera coupe
Porsche 996 gt3 cup
Porsche 356 b
Porsche 996 carrera
Porsche 996 cabriolet
Porsche Boxster mk1
Porsche 911 GT 1 (993) wendlinger
Porsche 993 gt2
Porsche 993 turbo s
Porsche no1 roadster
Porsche 550 spyder
Porsche Cayenne turbo
Porsche 997 targa
Porsche 906 Minichamps
Porsche gt1 (996) mcnish
Porsche carrera gt
Porsche 917 1970 LeMans winner Eagle Race
Porsche 997 carrera 4s
Porsche 959 Motorbox
Porsche 934 RSR Exoto
Porsche 935 #1 world championship winner Exoto
Porsche 964 3.6 turbo GTSpirit
Porsche 917 LeMans 1970 #2 hippie car Autoart
Porsche 911 2.7 rs autoart
Porsche 962 LeMans winner Norev
Porsche 987 Boxster Maisto
Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RS 4.0 Autoart

Renault RE 20 arnoux Exoto
Renault magnum truck (x2) Otto
Renault Magnum Lotus F1 Z Models

Reynard champ car ganassi zanardi UT

Rolls Royce Silver Wraith Modelcar Group

Shelby series 1
Shelby cobra 427 Kyosho

Stewart GP sf3 Herbert Hotwheels

Subaru Impreza wrc burns Autoart
Subaru STI hatch Otto
Subaru Legacy McRae RAC Rally Otto

Toyota Celica WRC auriol Otto
Toyota Corolla wrc sainz
Toyota 2000 GT Autoart


Tyrell ford 003 stewart Exoto
Tyrell pit crew TSM

TVR Tuscan
TVR speed 12
TVR Sagaris LS Collectables

Vanwall VW5 Replicarz

Vw beetle
Vw nardo YatMing
Vw T3 HB audi team premium classixx
VW LT45 HB Audi Team Otto racing set (with trailer)

Volvo F88 JPS Road Kings

Williams renault fw16 senna
Williams BMW fw22 Button
Williams supertec fw 21 Schumacher

Yamaha OX99 Spark

Boeing 747 200 Aer Lingus old livery inflight
Boeing 747 Aer Lingus new
Boeing 737 500 Aer Lingus
BAE 100 Aer Lingus
Fokker 50 Aer Lingus
Shorts 360 Aer Lingus
Airbus A330-300 Aer Lingus New livery
Airbus A321 NEO Aer Lingus
Airbus A320 Aer Lingus old livery
ATR 72 Aer Lingus

Boeing 707 Aer Lingus
Boeing 757-200 Aer Lingus
BAC 111 Aer Lingus

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I updated the list with my latest additions;
From BoS - Audi Spyder & Mercedes C111

From Autoart 1970 Porsche 917 hippie car

I finally started putting my Billy shelves together so hopefully I'll b posting up more soon as I start displaying them

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Thanks! I have four of the wide Billys with doors. I may have to get another once I get the cars out. I'm also thinking of maybe getting he display case they have to showcase some bigger ones separately

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A few pics from today

1st and 2nd for LeMans 1970

The red car is from Eagles Race and the blue hippie car is from Autoart

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