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This is one of those models that was perceived to be anxiously awaited by many and when it arrived, all the hype preceding it slowly disappeared as there isn't a lot of chatter going on about it these days - not sure why, but I could only guess it would be due to the alternative model available.

Introduced in 2005 as a 2006 model, the Corvette Z06 picked up right were its C5 predecessor left off - a powerful engine, bland styling only a mother(read= designer) could love, exotic quality lacking interior and for a price much lower than some of the exotics its capable of showing tail lights to.

Lets be perfectly honest here, the Z06 is the 7.0 liter, 427 small block aluminum V8 LS7 with 505 horsepower cradled in an aluminum chasis, pretending its something other than that along the lines of more refined exotics is just that - pretending, because its not an exotic when compared to the Gallardo or F430. Its a daily driver that kicks exotic tail. Technology advanced by GM standards, the C6 Z06 is the fastest and most powerful car to bear a GM brand, evident by carbon fiber constructed components and engine assembly not found on other generation Corvettes.

Overall, I really think AUTOart did a nice job on this car - but did leave the door open for improvement in a couple of areas. As the alternative to the AUTOart Z06, Hot Wheels's offers a Z06 as well - in which the AUTOart version is marginally better in all areas - but for a higher price, providing its worth it to you.

Brakes - accuracy= 8 detail= 8
Talk about an area of the car that took on some major discussions when pictures surfaced on AUTOart's site - my head hurts even thinking about that discussion. Well it looks like AUTOart got it close - all the way down to the calper bolts. The calipers float, the rotors are crossed drilled two piece and diameter looks to be correct based on the wheels size.

If I was to say the calipers are awfully dark on the model - it would be correct as it takes some effort to see the details.

The rear brake set up is visbly awkard as it appears to be on the small side.

Engine - accuracy= 7 detail= 8.5
As with most modern cars of today, theres not a lot to see when it comes to the engine compartments. Surprisingly amongst constant whining of the misplaced battery, AUTOart captured a lot of details that represent the LS7 - cluster of fluid fillers are appropriately marked, engine stickers and the one detail that earns them a big thumbs up - left side fuel rail cover doesn't have the 7.0 lettering as the right side.

So you ask yourself, with all of that attention to detail, how could they screw up the battery box - I don't know, but thats the one detail that hurts the model in this area.

I do like the way the air box is formed like the 1:1, in addition, the hood liner has Crossed Flags emblazened on the liner.

Even with dog legs underneath the hood, they are relatively small compared to other Corvette models with dog legs.

Exterior - accuracy= 8 detail= 8.5
I was somewhat concerned with the initial photos as the stance was just all wrong. Personally, I think the model was developed off the GM Press Photos which explains some thoughts I have about the model and could very well explain the battery box inside the engine bay.

Most noticeably is the wheel wells both front and rear, they swallow the wheels and tires, more so in the front and rear as the height isn't to bad.this gives the impression that the wheels are too small and its hard to argue that they aren't in this aspect.

The headlights are treated to better trimming than that of the Hot Wheels version, which looks like its wearing bifocals. The lamps inside are all treated to a bezzel trim and look great inside the clear plastic covers.

All of the lines flow well and gaps are minimal at best which shows a nice finish and fit.

Side windows would have been nice, but you can't miss what you never had, so its no big deal. I do notice the front pillar is inaccurate as it relates to the window seal - but that goes back to my thoughts on whether or not the car was developed on press photos or production photos.

I've never really liked the rear ends on the C5's, but its sister the C6, has a rather nice rear end. AUTOart could have made the rear splash guards a little larger and more defined.

Interior - accuracy= 7.5 detail= 8.5
One of the first things I notice besides the seat trim, is the middle console silver trim, its too darn bright!

Fully carpeted with details and quality associated with the AUTOart brand, its really good looking in there. although, good looking, that doesn't necessarily mean its accurate. The steering wheel should have some silver accents on the steering wheel and the dash pods are too bright as the center console.

Theres a lot of details in the interior, most of which is accurately detailed, but theres some inaccuracies that take away from it. I have no idea where the seat belt points are as I cannot seem to see exactly where they are connected and they are in easy view on the 1:1. The seats are soft to the touch, feels more like rubber than plastic - this is a nice feature on cars.

The rear cargo doesn't show the cargo holds.

Paint - accuracy= 9 detail= 9
I've always enjoyed AUTOart's paint jobs - I find them to be one of the best display points about the model. This model is no exception as the paint is evenly and richly applied revealing a nice finished product. The shade of Victory Red seems to be far more spot on that of the Yellow version

Tampo/Decals - accuracy= 9 detail= 9
Exterior decals/badging is only limited, and they nice as they are equally brittle. I noticed when I first got mine that there was a piece of another decal stuck in my windshield - feel bad for someone who gets their copy missing a decal, hopefully it was just extra from the application process.

The Corvette Crossed Flags are nicely defined front and rear and the Z06 badging on the side the same, although small due to the lettering.

I your polishing yours, be sure to be careful around the decals as a firm moton with a rag will pull them right off.

Tires/Wheels - accuracy= 7 detail= 7
Arguably small from the monstrous wheel wells - there is still a lot to be desired here.

Tires are not branded, but do represent the correct size when comparing fronts to the rears. The polished look is something I can find satisfaction with as the look does come across well. However, the Z06 branding is not on the rims.

Undercarriage - accuracy= 8.5 detail= 7.5
While certainly not having one of the best undercarriages or even close - theres some details underneath the car that depicts it from being considered a budget brand. The majority of the undercarriage surrounds licensing, AUTOart branding and LE number - but in it all is true dual exhaust and bi manis - other than that, not much to it.

Accuracy - 8
Details - 8.25

I honestly don't know :lol :lol :lol

As there is so much right about this car, there is eqully so much wrong about it.

It comes down to how much you like the brand and more importantly, how much you like the car it represents.

Well I certainly like the 1:1 it represents, but I am not too high on the model.

No doubt, you get a well detailed model with AUTOart type quality - but you also get a nice side serving of head scratching inaccuracies, which can be easily overcame if your not concerned with them.

Hindsight is always 20/20, knowing what I know now, the Hot Wheels version would have finished my C6 Street Cars off nicely - but your mileage may vary. My decision is based off "getting my monies worth".

Year produced: 2006
Price(budget/premium): $70
Subject matter: Street-Sports
Packaging: Plinith, Window Box
Craftsmanship and Quality: Nice construction with superb quality material

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Nice write up Darrick. Tom has the yellow version which I've had a pretty good look at and I must admit I wasn't blown away by it compared to some other AUTOart road cars.

Have you tried measuring the diameter of the rims? As long as you know what size they are on the 1:1 you could prove or disprove your thoughts on the wheel and wheel well issue.

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Good honest review and great pics, Darrick. Putting aside the differences in quality of materials, door hinges, carpet etc, which is more accurate - this or the Hot Wheels?

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Awesome write-up Darrick!!!


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Tough question to answer as AUTOart's details works against it as much as it works for it. Superb in many areas and head scratching in others.

I'll put it to you this way: As much as I like accuracy and details, I enjoy value for my monies. Upgrading(alledgedly) from the Hot Wheels version to the AUTOart isn't what I would consider an upgrade.
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