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Couple New One(s)

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Finally found them...lol....enjoy

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YUMMM indeed! love that green maybach. :nicejob
Beautiful! :nicejob :cheers

Congrats on the new additions. The Maybach is gorgeous in green. :cool
Great additions and have to agree with everyone else. The Maybach looks better in green than any other color I have seen it in so far. . . :eek:k
Congrats BP84!

Every single one of your new additions is a brilliant model. I've got a fair few AUTOart/UT 996s myself, but as of yet i've not managed to purchase a 62.

nice. i bought a hymalias gray from kelvin. man it the 62 long. :coolpics :coolpics
Congrat's on a good swoop of diecast, I like the Porsche GT3 RS in blue, I have to get me one of those, to sit next to me red one.
MMMM Nice GT3.
Have both the 57 as the 62....great cars....love the ireland green... :yahoo
Nice Porsches
I am not especially keen on Maybach but your Porsches are AWESOME !!! I got them all and I am still very happy with them !!!

Hearty congrats :cheers
I think you can guess which I like the most :giggle

Congrats on your newest arrivals :cheers
yawsa, that maybach sure is BIG
Congrats BluePrelude84 :cheers
Thanks guys for the comments...loving them all.
Thats a nice catch!! The second pic is my fav! The woodgrain goes well with the Maybach! :nicejob
AWESOME picks, BP84! :cheers :cheers :cheers
Very nice!Love that Maybach and I like those 2 Porsche's on the left.,
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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