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Courage C65

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This Courage C65 raced in the 2003 Le Mans. It did not fare so well since it dropped out only 41 laps into the race due to an engine fire. The drivers for the car were Philippe Alliot (F)/David Hallyday (F)/Carl Rosenblad (S).

This is actually a resin model and not a diecast. It is made by Spark and the details are stunning. My old 3.2Mpix camera doesn't show the car as well as it really is in real life. If you're into race cars and are considering venturing into the 1:43 realm, you HAVE to look at these Sparks cars.

(click images below for 640x480)
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That's a very striking livery, Felix! I agree with you that Sparks (and Bizarre) make some very interesting racing models!
When I was perusing through Sparks' website, I laid eyes on this model and knew it was a msut have! The paint and wheels are done superbly. It's worth every penny I paid for it.
very nice model, looks great :coolpics
1:43 is the way to go for Le Mans cars. Nice catch!
OOOOH Courage's
i still want those aswell
Your pics are the absolute best :coolpics The black gloss on the floor brings out a mirror image. The pics are very clear and the light seems to come from every angle so there is no shadows. The cars just pop off the screen at me :happy

Good job StygianMax :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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