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Since the earlier tutorial I wrote up on creating these links, a member (mustangEleanor aka Alon) pointed out an easier way. The following is an illustrated How-To.

You how to generate the "code" to copy & paste into your DX post to display a linked thumbnail photo.

Link to a photo that's bigger than 640x480 and/or greater than 60kb.


Step 1
  • Goto your photobucket.com folder containing the image you want to link. (I'll use a bike photo to illustrate)
  • Click the square box to select the photo(s) you want to generate a linked thumbnail

    View attachment 21303
  • Click the button "Generate HTML and IMG code"
Step 2
Now you will see the following screen.

View attachment 21302
  • Highlight the text as shown and copy it (ALT+C)
  • If you want to preview the thumbnail photo, click the "Preview" button and you see a pop-up window like the following:
    View attachment 21300
  • Using the code you have just copied, paste it into your DX post.
Step 3 - For making multiple linked thumbnails
If you've got multiple photos, you should try to lay them out in table format. I've found a 4 column format to work quite tidily.

To do this, add a space after each thumbnail link. If you don't do this, you will get one column of photos. The picture below shows the first location where a space is to be added immediately following the [/URL] tag

View attachment 21301

If you have any questions or want to suggest any improvement to this How-To, feel free to make your suggestion.

EDIT: January 10, 2006
Photobucket has updated their user interface slightly. The new way to create linked thumbnail photos is still largely the same. The following covers the modified process:

- check off a bunch of images you want to create linked thumbnail pictures of;
- scroll down to the bottom of the page where there's a dropdown menu with "Please Select Action";
- click on that and choose "Generate HTML and IMG code" and a new page of code with be shown to you.

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Matchbox are releasing new models every year so are Hot Wheels (better quality than most of their 1-18s :wink ) But Im not to sure on exact 1-64 model scene Ive only just joined.

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You're welcome Ben & Matt.

Please note I had updated the process slightly to reflect the minor change in Photobucket.com's user interface.
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