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I plan to do one Project Next year, Curve's Z33. ( http://www.curve-ad.com/z33/index.html ) I've had a some other cars in mind, but the 350z is just so unique. Its going to be a challenge; 3 types of putty, 8 kinds of files, & a Dremel should get the job done.(year right)I've done bodywork before, no problems in that area.

Here are some photos in progress (1:1)


Aint she a bute? And in its only progress..
Finished product here: http://www.curve-ad.com/z33/photo_as.html

1st thing I will have to do is purchase a Maisto 350Z or an Hotwheels 350z.
So I guess this is sort of an intro to my year long build.
Expect some progress around January.
Thanks for looking! Wish me luck.

EDIT: I'm very sorry to edit your post, but please read this notice. Kindly keep picture dimensions within 640 x 480 pixels and with a maximum file size of not more than 55 KB. Thanks for your cooperation!

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very ambitious. should look good when its finished. maybe you could mould the side panels and do a few to sell. once you have the maste its not that hard to do

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Welcome to the DX Forum Josh Guess!

That's a cool body kit on the 350Z!! The edgy lines toward the rear and side reminds me a bit of the Celica. I like those hard edges more than the rounded/soft lines of the stock out-of-the-box 350Z.

Best of luck with your project. Have you doen custom diecast body work before? I'm a total newbie in that area.
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