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Custom E-Type painting info wanted

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Hi there all. I got a Bburago E-type convertible from a market the other day and I want to make a custom model from it. I have already stripped the parts off (door handles, bumpers etc) and I am going to fill in all the holes, smooth off the body, but keep the standard window frame. I want to give it a custom paint job, and I was talking to a guy in a model shop about Tamyia spray paints (in a can). He suggested trying a Gold or Silver metalic with a polycarbonate (clear) blue or green or red etc colour on top. I wondered if any of you had tried this or have used any of the Tamyia pearenscent sprays. I think I wold like to try either a blue over gold/silver or a green over gold/silver. Any ideas what might look cool?
I have used automotive sprays on diecast models, but not Tamyia. I think it should work well though as I have had good results on plastic models in the past.

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I meant PEARLESCENT sprays!
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