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Custom RX-7

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Did a little custom work to a Jada RX-7 Import Racer.

-Removed decals
-Removed wing
-Swapped wheels and interior with one of the other Jada RX-7's
-Painted the inside of the wheels

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:drool :drool :drool WHOA! The black looks AWESOME!!! :drool :drool :drool
Looks great Aipex! Nice work! :nicejob :nicejob
Those look absolutely stunnig :tongue
awesome.. good job.
I do like that, if I had talent like that I would do a skyline.

Great work Aipex :nicejob


:nicejob That's one bad boy.... Sounds like a fairly simple mod with great results, it really does look awesome. If I could get something like that in 1:18, I'd gladly replace my Ertl. :cheers
Great work Aipex!!! :danbanna looks even better now! :drool
Surprised!! :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob
I've never imagined such a nice overall mood from JADA RX-7.
You did great job! :drinkbud
Thanks for the compliments. :cheers

The hatch still needs a little work, the putty that I filled the wing holes with settled a bit after painting, so it doesn't look smooth (you can't really see it in the picture).

I think I'll try removing the graphics off of the intercooler tonight, see how that looks.
Very nice I like them all :cheers
nice mod :cheers

looks great without the decals :cheers

but i still like all 3
How did you remove the grapics ? i want to try it on my 1/18 Jada WRX

Does it leave any marks on the paint ? like does the quality of the paint change ?

BTW - Nice collection of RX-7's you have mate :nicejob
Speedfiend said:
:drool :drool :drool WHOA! The black looks AWESOME!!! :drool :drool :drool
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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