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I have done some customizing in the post on a few of my 1:18's...

What are you tips to removing 1:18 wheels? Does each brand require a different techniques to remove them with out breaking them off?

Once you are done customizing (wheels) do the cars roll?

Where do you get your custom wheels?

Also I would like to hear some tips when it comes to painting bodies and wheels.

And any other customizing tips you can offer, thanks!

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Wheels -

Maisto - Since Maisto uses the same type of spindles/axles on all of its cars, all of the wheels are interchangable to each other, the only differences are the size of the wheel/tire combo. Maisto wheels are usually pressed off by putting a thumb on either side of the rear of the wheel and pushing it off slowly. Small screwdrivers work well too. These are tricky and will sometimes break off.

Ertl - I use the 2 screwdriver method. I put 2 screwdrivers on the inner fender of the car and push off the wheels. There is also a GM interior tool that works well too(can't remember the name if the tool). Some of the newer Ertl cars have the wheels screwed on (TFAF cars). You have to pry off center hub if the wheel(Beanstalk cars are the same way)

Hot Wheels - Usually, the front wheels are screwed on from the back, the rears are on a solid axle.

Burago - These are the easiest and will come off by pulling on them (at least on the older releases)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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