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Dallara DW12 McLaren-Honda-Andretti "penske racing" #29 F.alonso Indy 500 2017 (Greenlight)

externally it is very well the paint is good and the decals too, the car is sealed so that nothing is opened, the decoration are decals and may carry some tampon printing, the parts that imitate the carbon fiber is grated plastic imitating the fiber , the suspensions are well detailed but are not functional, the tires and tires are well reproduced (I sanding the tyres) and I added the decals of johnnie walker and chandon, that the car came without it

the interior is not very detailed for not having no seat and much less security harnesses the steering wheel is plastic and is very little detailed

the engine good to be sealed you see nothing, just the exhaust pipes, which is a piece painted in black with shallow depth

now the photos

1º round

2º round

3º round

4º round

5º round


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I don't know about this sort of car, but it looks good! The decals could do with more work though, they look a little cheap.

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Thanks for the review of this new release. While your photos show the car very well and your added details make it more authentic, I am a bit disappointed with the quality of the manufacturers tooling such as:

- a complete lack of interior, steering controls, or safety harness
- unfinished and rough edges in the cockpit area
- shallow and poorly painted exhaust ports
- ejection pin marks on the chassis pan behind the engine
- thick grainy paint in some areas including a terrible finish on the mirror stalks
- panel (gap) fit for both the engine cover and front suspension
- mold lines on both the rear wing and front leading edge of the side pods
- alignment of the blue on the front spoilers

Thanks for sharing the photos, what is the price for this car?

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Excellent job on the seat. Almost looks like the original was set up for a driver figure.
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