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Dauer Bugatti EB110 - Maisto

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I just got this baby for my birthday (yesterday) :happy It's the one in black.

Maisto's overall quality of their models definitely seems to be getting higher with each new model. The proportions are pretty accurate. Maybe the front lights are a wee bit too small and the rear end is a little bit too bulky. Besides that, it looks great. Note that the logos are very well done. On the front on the nose, on each side behind the windows, and on the back under the spoiler. Also, the license plate is pretty nicely done.

The stance is low, which makes it look more exotic. Also, the size of the car is a little bit small. Some other models might make it look smaller than it really is. Hey, atleast it's not one of those oversized ones. Plus, I'll bet it actually is a real small car.

Suspension is kind of bouncy. Moreso in the rear.

Paint is actually so-so. Not shiny or sparkly, but then again it's not too greasy which is good. You can kinda see fingerprints. Looks good though, pretty deep shade of black.

Interior is very nicely done. Although the gauges are just a sticker, it's a well detailed one. The little TV on the center panel is painted which looks cool, the seatbelts are black over the regular tan leather, and the vents are also painted black. So the interior looks pretty realistic.

The best part about this model is perhaps the wheels. These are probably the best wheels Maisto has ever done. Even though the tires have no writing on them, the tread looks cool. The rims themselves look awesome. They have the little "BBS" logo on them!!! And the center is painted black and has the little EB logo engraved. The brake rotors look excellent even though they do not spin. The calipers are black and compliment the vehicle nicely. Also, the front wheels turn pretty far. It really annoys me when some wheels just don't turn at all, so this is a plus.

Engine is another great feature. Every detail about it is painted. All the pipes, logos, everything. Silver, light blue, and black. Nothing appears to be unpainted. Looks very professional, almost AUTOart quality. The engine cover doesn't stay open by itself, but fortunately, there is a very stiff (and really long) stick to hold it up very high to show off the beautiful engine.

The little bonnet in the front opens up just to show some unpainted wires, no storage space. The doors don't really stay open when you put them in place, but that's not really a big deal.

Overall it's probably an 8/10. Just loses points on the proportions. Also, the rear wheels & tires are pretty deeply set into the wheel well, which looks a little bit odd. It gains points though because it's a Dauer - it's everything the original EB110 was and much more. It looks better than the original EB110. Some killer body effects, hot looking spoiler, great exhaust, truly kickass wheels and brakes, nicely finished interior. DEFINITELY get it over the Bburago one. That model is aging by now. The car is so old, this is probably the last 1:18 EB110 that will be issued for a very long time, or maybe ever. Pick it up, on eBay you can get them for a very cheap price. It'll definitely look nice in your collection.

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nice review :cheers, now all we need is pics!!!!!
:iagree Congrats McLaren F1 Guy :cheers
Sounds like you are pretty happy with your new one! :cheers

Decent budget model though it deserves much better. Good thing you decided on the black cause the blue one I seen had terrible color variations between the metal and plastic parts.
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