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DB5 logo decal

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I had been on a lookout for the Aston Martin logo for my 1:18 as my original logo got damaged. So I had mailed AUTOart Hongkong a couple of months back if they could send me that logo...

Look what I found in my mail today :happy

Its really amazing how they remembered my request and sent the logos that too 2 sets all the way to India. Way to go AUTOart!!! :cheers

Can anyone help me as to how to apply the logo to the bonnet as I have never done that before and I have no idea how to go about it? :giggle

Thanks in advance
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- Clean the bonnet and let it dry.
- Have some warm water ready.
- Plunge the decal you need into the water.
- Wait around 10 second.
- Take it out.
- With a tweezers, catch the decal, and make it slip from the paper to the bonnet.
- Position it correctly.
- Remove excessive water with some soft cloth by gently pressing around.
- Take a paintbrush and brush gently the decal to remove excessive water and air under the decal. This step is really important.
- Dry again with soft cloth.
- Wait for at least 24h before touching and let it rest in a dustfree space. I usually wait for one whole week, but it's on plastic model kit.

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Thanks Redleaf :cheers

That was quick :nicejob
Noooooooo DONT WET THEM !!!!!!

Im pretty sure these arent waterslide type decals but are infact self adhesive .
My 007 DB5 lost its DB5 badge from the bootlid and Im almost certain they were self adhesive. If you wet them they wont adhere to the car.

If im correct , the easiest way would be to lift a corner of the emblem your wanting to apply with something like a scalpel or modelling knife and peel it off the backing sheet so its only attached to the scalpel by one small point. Then you can position it before applying it to the reqired area.

If I`m wrong about this then I apologise , but Im almost certain they are self adhesive emblems. Try it out with one you dont need first . :cheers
Wow i actually forgot that kind of decalco :scared
Otherwise Angelrott_V6 way is correct for self adhesive decals :nicejob
That's great Nandan :cheers

Great service by Autoart :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob
Its nice to hear such success stories about AUTOart!! Congrats!!
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