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Dealer edition Porsche 997

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I am really liking this model :danbana :danbana :danbana


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Really nice Jeff! I sincerely think that's the color to go with that car. It's sober but at the same time it's sleek.
I really haven't warmed up to this model, but it looks quite nice indeed. I do believe its the color :eek:k
Nope, it's Maisto dealer edition

Congrat's Jeff :cheers , it sure looks great in that color :coolpics
Congratulations, Jeff!

It looks really good for a Maisto
All I would like to add is " I told you so " :giggle

Congrats buddy :cheers
You sure did and I sure am happy I listened to you :cheers
The color even caught my wifes attention and that never happens :giggle
:iagree Glad that porsche has reverted back to the classic round headlites from the teardrop shaped ones on the 996. The ones on the cars post the Turbo 996 were quite likeable though.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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