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just thought i'd pass on a letter that arrived in the post yesterday.

Dear Mr Hughes,
Autoart Le Mans winning Mazda 787B

I am writing to you about the 1/18 Autoart Mazda that you have on order from us.

It was promised for delivery this year but some months ago this was put back to early 2006.

However,that's not why i'm writing to you.

Autoart has decided to totally upgrade the model.It is now going to be part of thier Signature collection and will feature lift-off bodywork that will reveal an amazing amount of detail in all areas,from the suspension,to the cockpit and the engine.

It is accepted that Autoart produces some of the finest 1:18 racing models money can buy and the company reckons that this is the finest model they have ever produced.

But, as you've probably guessed by now,this improved level of detail comes at a price.Autoart has increased the price quite significantly,to a figure of £99.99.

We must admit that we were shocked when we first heard this but to put it into context, we reckon that you're getting Exoto quality on this item for about two thirds of the price of one of the American comopany's creations.

With such an increas in price you may want to cancel your order.

However to save you from having to contact us, you need do nothing if you still want to receive your model.

We will simply amend your order and charge your credit card with the new details.

Anyway, we are sorry to be the bearer of of unwelcome news.We hope you will accept that we are simply the middle-man in this case.

If we don't hear from you we'll send the replica out as soon as it arrives with us.
We estimate that this should be some time in January,

Many thanks and kind regards.

i assume others have received something similar?
There's no way i won't get it .......but i won't be paying £99.99 for it.Exoto quality, we'll see :cheers
From RCP post it looks to be :yahoo
will this stop some off you from buying it....that were thinking of getting this model? :cheers

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Thats a nicely written letter, good supplier you have there.

As for the model, I really wanted to get this one (I lost much interest now though) and I was willing to spend something around 60GBP. But 99.99 is a bit too much, so no 787B for me.

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I have a pre-order placed at Grand Prix Legends; at the time their annouced price was £ 59.99.
I just checked their site and they've updated it to £ 99.99, but didn't send me any notification yet.
If they don't say anything until the model is available, I'm seriously considering to cancel the order, even if I have to buy the Mazda elsewhere for the same price. :pullhair
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