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Delays, delays.

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Today I received a tri blade screwdriver ordered from China at the beginning on April.
However, it was one piece of an order for four such screwdrivers.
Two arrived within a month, the third arrived around a month ago.
I had thought that the last of the four had disappered into a black hole - which happened before with an LED light bulb.
Why the sender didn't put all of the items into one bag is a mystery, the total shipment cost was around €10.
I'm also awaiting some decals ordered 6 weeks ago from Australia, and was worried about the delay.
Now I feel more comfortable that the package will eventually show up.
Anyone want to try beat a delay of 11 weeks?
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I hitherto can't beat 11 weeks for an international shipment, although 10 weeks seems "The New Normal™"
However, 11 days for a parcel from Manchester, which is the epic journey of 8 miles from my home, certainly is a new low for inland.
The transport may be eco friendly, but the postage isn't.
I can't possibly clad in appropriate lyrics just how sick and tired I am to sponsor every dickhead's next gold plated toilet in his fourteen marbled bathroom villa.
That's another one of those newfangled New Normals in our brave new World - things just vanishing in transit.
1 - 3 of 78 Posts