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Dear friends

I got both Autoart's DeLorean and would like to post a comparison.

I always had the BTTF Sunstar version and loved the feeling of metal on the exterior and the weight.

When I bought Autoart composite 79916 I felt a little disappointed by the plastic feel, so I order the diecast first release 79911.

Diecast metal version feels better, as I expected. It is also a little heavier. Except for the exterior finish, the rest of the models are identical. I think if price is a concern, go for the composite, as the diecast are limited to 1000 pieces and very expensive. If you want the ultimate DeLorean edition, the diecast is the one.

I have seen the real 1:1 Delorean and I think both versions miss a little on the exterior. The diecast is a little too shiny and mirrored, but the color is closer to the real champagny goldy. The composite is a little gray and dull. In my opinion, the color of the Sun Star is the best of the 3, closer to real life, but of course it misses the exceptional quality of Autoart, but price is lower.



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I bought the Sunstar versions years ago, the gold one last year, and the auto art compo looks the most real to me. I have only see the real car once out doors and the auto art comp looks the closest to me. Though I agree the Sunstar was very close and it is a shame about the lack of details, but was great for the period when they came out. Would like if Autoart made a gold version. Thanks for the side by side comparison.
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