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Did a lil touch up on my 1/12 silvia...

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Hi all, like most of you i've bought the 1/12 Nissan Silvia tuner by Kentoys. The car is actually pretty detailed and nice, besides the big rims and the unnessacary chromes. So i decided to do a few really minor touch ups, and it turned out pretty well.
What i did was, painted the intercooler silver (instead of chrome) and added a scratch built Nitrous express on. Painted the brake discs silver, and center of rims gold (can't stand a japanese sports car being so 'bling bling' like that :lol ) And touched up the engine a bit by painting the parts to the right colour. Here are the pics :feedback

Don't know if you guys can see from this small picture, but my car has a little defect, the engine bonnet is kinda messed up, therefore the left side of the bonnet is sticking up... :ranting

The rims are still kinda big, but i thought it was a lot better after painting the center gold...

Didn't do anything to the rear...stock seems acceptable...

I wanted to do something about the clear hood at first...but then i gave up the idea since i thought it was actually quite 'cute', lol.
Here's the engine, sorry about the poor quality of the pic. The engine is actually quite relistic and detailed, just that little silly things made it look ridiculous when it was stock. the turbo was orginally BLUE!! :confused
Anyway, so here's my car, hope you guys like it.
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still getting the "temporarily unavailable check again later squares :\, damn wouldve liked to see your pics too!!
Ahh see em now!! nice work man!! love thr rims colour and everything youve done to it :). I have the red one of these and the turquoise one. I cut and polished the decals from my turquoise one so to have my doors clear from the clutter of words.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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