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Did UT Ever Make a Black C5 COUPE (Targa)?

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I guess I've got the UT bug, ya'll. :confused I've seen a few UT C5s on eBay, but never a black coupe (targa). It makes me wonder, did UT ever make it in that color? If they did, it'd make a nice replacement for my ERTL. Thanks to anyone who can give me the answer. :cheers
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I see. Thanks, BD430! :cheers I'll be on the lookout for one, then. :drool You wouldn't happen to have any pics, would you?
Thanks, CX. :cheers I just hope I have the $$$ when I find one. *crosses fingers*
Oh my GOSH, Makai! :thanks ! You just made my day with those pics! :happy Now I want it even MORE!!! :drool It looks so cool! :danbanna
Really? :confused Are you lacking any?

I guess I'm kind of lucky. I'm only on the lookout for the black coupe - as if that's any easier. :nutkick :lol
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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