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Diecast in the news...

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A few "mainstream" mentions about diecast.

In the Sept/Oct Issue of TruckTrends (Motor Trends truck magazine) they quote General Motors as saying that 2 million diecast Chevy SSR models have been sold which they are also claiming is a record.

2 million sure sounds like a lot to me. :?

The August 11 isuue of Autoweek had a question asking readers about diecast in ther "Fast Poll" section.
6 lettersa were printed where readers listed some of their favorites.
Some familier cars were mentioned.
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I think the SSr is a much better truck than the excuse of the Silverado SS :roll:

I don't think there is no way Maisto produced two million SSR's in a years time, as they are the only ones making it...just think about it. :? :?:
Hey dX...If you threw Matchbox 1/64 SSRs into the mix, would you get closer to the 2 mil figure? Just wondering...after all, 1/64s are also considered diecasts.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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