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I know this is a crazy subject to bring up, but I figured since CX has the "Book of Diecast", I'd share a little diecast poetry. :giggle

I'm using it as my away message on AIM...

I'm not here right now
So that means I'm somewhere else
Wondering what I'll do
To entertain myself
But I'm not getting drunk
Passing out flat on my a**
I'm probably in my room
Looking at diecast!!!

Here's another one I just pulled outta my...uh...thin air. :lol

The models, the marques
All the work by hand
Not a bad way to spend
My last one grand

To a normal person
I prob'ly look crazy :WTF
But to those who know me well
At least I'm not lazy

Because to survive in this hobby
You have to slave away
Putting in long hours
Towards that wonderous day

When the brown clown arrives
And drops off that box
That's when you realize
This hobby ROCKS!!!

Anybody else have some diecast poetry? (This should be good. :giggle)

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Had to add another one...

When I think of all the money
I've spent on toys over the years
It would piss of some
And bring the rest to tears

But that's the great thing about it
Nobody else can get me
Those who don't know the meaning of

I'm glad that they don't
Otherwise it'd be boring
It wouldn't be as special
If EVERYone on Earth was postwhoring

Diecast is a club
To which not everyone belongs
But to those who do, it's awesome
To watch your wishlist stretch a mile long

So, to you my diecast brethren
I raise a proud and hearty toast :cheers
Here is to the future
Let's see who spends the most!

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Thanks, Winstoncds! :cheers I haven't done this in a loooooong time. But poetry is meant to be written about what you love. :giggle

Bravo Derek!!!

:nicejob :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob :nicejob

**snaps fingers**

Here's mine:

Words cannot describe
What goes through my mind
Waiting and waiting
For my diecast to arrive

I look back and forth
Heck, no such luck!
It's almost four
This new mailman must suck!

Is that a white truck?
Can't really tell
I'm losing my mind
I should go for a walk

Stop the crazy talk
I was actually right
I have the eyes of a hawk
Damn I Rock!

I walk out the door
He's taking too long
Can't wait anymore
Something must be wrong

Where are you going?
That box is mine!
Sorry, Gian
Maybe next time

HAHA got you good
I know I know
That was plain crude
Don't worry
This will change your mood

Hey Buddy, nice shorts!
But really
Thanks for the words
I don't know what that was
But do that again
And I shall kick you in the a...

Have a nice day!

The dream starts as a child
First as plastic
Then as metal
The fascination has begun

Time goes by
The dream is realized
Now in breathing form
We stare in awe
With a brilliant smile
And turn the key

The power and precision
A plethora of parts
All working together
To create such a beautiful sound
Mechanical music

The dream expands
However, unattainable
There is a light, a ray of hope
The dream is realized
In small wonders
Called diecasts

I'm not much for rhyming... :cheers
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