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Well, this car is 90% great, but with two flaws that really have me rather... un-thrilled with the car. The first is the rear panel around and between the tail lights. In reality its like a perforated clear section, which i think ive seen done before on the Hot Wheels Enzo and for sure on the Porsche Carrera GT engine covers, but on the Hot Wheels it is just a black plastic piece, plus the Challenge Stradale logo is not there!!! At least give some dimpilling or something to represent the mesh of the real car
Check this link to see what I mean about the real one:


The second issue (and the one that REALLLLLY bugs me) is the stripe..... On the real car this is a hand painted 4,650 Euro option , on this car, it is a pretty bad decal/vinal type thing, that really leaves alot to desire, as it kinda isnt tight along the seams, and has a definite raised texture... and something this distinctive, it could at least be put on under a layer of clear or what not, Makes me glad AutoArt is going to do the Porsche GT3 RS, as i dont really want a Hot Wheels/Mattel conversion of their GT3....

But like I said, otherwise I love it!!! :giggle I just hope that the stripe, esspecially, will hold up over time and display......

being that the stripe is a sticker, does that explain why the ones that have been posted here no longer have a stripe :tempted

Thanks for noting the stripe is a sticker as it will make for a easier removal when it arrives. :cheers

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Including the faults you've already mentioned, they're others too.

1. No rear diffuser
2. Rear number plate section hasn't been changed from a standard Modena
3. Wrong exhausts
4. Wrong steering wheel
5. Wrong seats
6. Calipers aren't seperate from the wheel
7. Wrong dash
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