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It's a pretty good model for the price, and the features all work fairly well. Only the taillights were glitchy on mine, and I didn't force the issue. Also, the license plate appliques have recently become prone to peeling off (a real bother, considering that the front and rear units roll, like the JB car's did).

On the plus side, the ejector seat works great - providing you remove the roof panel first and activate the trigger from the driver's side.

I don't believe it's a Beanstalk mold, but an all-new tool done by RC2 (but no doubt licensed by Beanstalk, who handles all of Ford's licensing issues).

If you can cop one for around $30.00 USD, I think you'll be happy.

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Thanks for the lowdown.
I just ebayed one for $25 :yahoo

I am positive that this is a new mould, I rember seeing some test shots somewhere about a year ago.
Plus, Beanstalk never made the DB5

I wonder if it will measure up to this one? :giggle



I'd say it was worth $25 Jeff, the interior isn't far behind the AUTOart. I believe the AUTOart version is expensive nowadays, so I don't blame you for getting the Ertl.

On another note, a minor gripe of mine - wire wheels are really best left to the high-end manufacturers. Trying to recreate these wheels on a budget doesn't work.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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