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Driven by: Ukyou Katayama (J)/Masahiko Kondou (J)/Ryo Fukuda (J)
Result: 13th (55 laps behind the winner)

This car definitely tugged at my heart strings when I laid eyes on it. Hopefully my pictures do justice to the car because the paint on it is really stunning.
  • 2003 Le Mans Yearbook said:
    This Dome entered by Masahiko Kondo was as different from chalk from cheese to last year's version driven by the Japanese. It was not the old chassis used by John Neilsen in 2001 but on ebuilt during autumn of 2002 specially adapted for the V8 Mugen engine and incorporating the aerodynamic improvements seen on Lammers' car in June 2002. The car's internals had nothing in common wth those of the MBD team'' Panoz in 2002. The technical director was Mikael Webb and the car was engineered by Mujjle Stone. Once again it was the Chamberlain Group directed by Jack Cunningham. which looked after the maintenance of the Dome. Six Japanese from Mugen were on hand to watch over the V8 with Kondo as team manager. Backed by Yokohama the car's livery was 100% Japanese.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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