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Dont you just hate some comments...

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I was out with my gf and another couple to a night out at a bar.

Suddenly... the other guys says... 'so Bernard, so when are you planning to sell off those toys, I guess you have wasted already enough money on them and start buying some serious stuff'

That comment really P|$$ED me off! :ranting

Particularly coming from a guy who practically gains the double of my salary as he is a full time worker and spends it all on 'designer' clothes and stupid disco parties.... What the heck???

Luckily.... very luckily, my gf was not so pleased with his statement too! :happy

Dont you just hate this stuff?!?! Particularly coming from someone you know. Man! Some people just cannot understand the meaning of a real hobby
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ouch..heh... lucky that doesn't happen to me....yet
:lol I'm in the same situation as you Burn.

I was having to defend my hobby only the other night. However, if people do make fun it is always good natured.

Most of us have spent thousands an our collections, so most people would probably have a hard time understanding why we do this.

even we don;t understand it sometimes....hehe
Bernard , I totally agree with that guy.....you SHOULD start selling them off ......

Starting with your 956L . :giggle
Gary........................................................................... NO! :nana

What I hate is that they dont relate that they spend on something and I spend on something else.

Many spend loads of cash for stuff like high tech mobiles, state of the art laptops etc etc... which would be considered outdated after a few months...

But, they cannot understand why I spend money on something that I like and is always building up. A continuing thing.... They cannot accept the fact that I have such a hobby?
I find those who make comments about others like that are people who don't have any sense of knowledge of the sort. I treat diecast collecting as a hobby and sure i may be over the edge compared to some but I have never had anyone leave my house not give me a nice compliment about my collection. Sure they are scattered around my parents house but if anyone else says any thing to them they would respond with a simple "At least it's not a bad habit that could get me in any trouble like drugs and stuff" so let others say what they want but when the compliments out weigh the critics they will be left standing like idiots. :mine
He sounds a very patronizing guy. he is not exactly in the position of telling you what do you like or not.
Do not woory about him, just ignore him.
I know you and me and everybody around would spend 500$ on 1:12 stuff instead of Armani crap.
Unfortunatly i'm having the same situation almost every day after i told my parents how much i paid for the CMC Auto Union and the Pony.i think for some people "little autos" = toys. this is worng!!!
someone gotta change that situation.

the people is with you Bernard :cheers
...and all of you are men, but me as a woman! They say" isn't that a guy thing!"... :pullhair But when I show them a few diecast, specially like a 1/64 old Hotwheels Redline and say to them, this one has a value of $100 dollars and is not MIB!.... Who is the fool now! :nutkick
Each to their own really, I could care less what others think of my hobby!!! Do what makes you happy! :cheers
i have not run into anyone that said anything to me. then again, i am young, maybe they hope I will "grow" out of it :giggle
Its amazing how some people satisfy their misery by crapping on others joy.

Starting from the top...

The environment that this happened in suggests that maybe he is there because he doesn't have a hobby or another outlet to enjoy himself. So he hangs at the local watering hole. He'll prolly be there 40 years from now too, crapping on the joys of others while he drowns his misery in the 'water downed liver killer'.

You should have asked him what is 'serious stuff' and if it was so serious why is he hanging in the bar giving you crap instead of enjoying the 'serious stuff'.

Having money doesn't make you smart, humble or appreciative of the feelings of those around you.

You never know someone until you know someone. Thats a fact.
Could'nt have said it any better than Darrick has.

I have friends who spend every Sunday afternoon at the local pub downing beers like the world is coming to an end tomorrow. Not less than 25-30 $ down at each binge. Thats cheap by some standards. But here it is big money. They have to watch the latest movies, first day first show and a local cinema will not do. They have to go to the other end of the world to watch it at IMAX. They need to get the latest cell phones with cameras, no matter if the only pictures they take is of their beer mugs and chicken legs. They better not come and tell me I could have done better stuff with the money I spent on the few of my favorite things. I dont think they would like to walk around with boot prints on their face.
Every time this happens to me, I just kill the topic with a condescendent smile, thinking that when I return home, I'll always find happiness and comfort in my hobby while they'll just go home to deeper ignorance or keep living their lives as shiny and trendy but so empty shells (as is your guy)...

A while ago, I was having a beer with an arrogant cheap Freud wannabe, and he asked me: "aren't these models an expression of your impotence of having the a real good car?". I answered: "I drive a Peugeot 306 and a new VW Passat, but I'd never hesitate buying a Trabant, Lada or Pinto diecast. And now, that we're on the subject, what's your hobby?" His answer was "Uh... oh...". So I rested my case, left him babbling on how he used to collect music CDs but didn't have the time for it anymore, and focused on some chick's cleavage. :giggle

Thats true Xenomorph. We have something to look forward to everytime we get home or to our offices. What do the fellows without any hobby have? Eat drink work sleep. They should realise that life is much more than that.
BURN said:
Luckily.... very luckily, my gf was not so pleased with his statement too! :happy
Nice to hear your gf defend you.

Now when someone is [email protected] off my collction my gf agrees with them, i feel so embarresed when they laugth at me and my gf has leavs me out in the cold, maybe i should leave her?.

And yet she has 100's of pairs of shoes may of which she has only worn once.

Im the only person who has a passion for this great hobby and when everyone im my family asks me the question why am i wastng money on these "Toys" i gets me mad sometimes :ranting .
Only a few people know I collect diecasts, and even if they know, they have no idea how much they are worth :giggle

I just shrug it off if they make any funny comments.
Someone like that that tries to crush something someone else does that they enjoy usually does it because they are insecure and unhappy. Unfortunately, I am the kind of person who is pretty outspoken about how I feel and I would have had some strong words for him.
And as for his own "hobby," lets see. Disco Bars or Diecasts. Disco Bars or Diecasts. I think I will go with the diecasts.
A hobby gives you some sense of direction in ones everyday life, obviously except for the routine tasks one has at work. Its something else that makes you a part of something bigger.

Like us here at DX.... would have I ever known you guys if it weren't for my hobby? Nope!

Another thing.... knowledge. Ok you may say 'What the heck is all this about?'
Throughout my experience here with my fellow hobby enthusiasts, I have learned about on-line photo storage sites like photobucket...
More importantly, I have amatuerly studied(but I will learn more this summer thanks to Ken :eek:k) about photography and try to excel in that.
ALSO! My website! Yes I know, nothing compared to what some people have, but, do the majority of the people know how to do one? NOPE!

Some people have no idea about the type of care one needs to learn and apply in their hobby. They may see it as just some frivilous thing one does to kill time.

It pissed me off, but at the end of the day, I surely feel more complete than he is. It is also re assuring that my Gf supports me (ok partially) but at least likes a number of my cars and understands me. She has her own expensive hobby afterall.

Its these people who dont have one that are a problem I think....
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I find it admirable that at least one woman agrees with us here. :cheers
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