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Dubble Bubble Pink

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I actually bought this car for parts to add to another Veilside S2000 and I didn't plan to keep it together. I did a few quick mods and patched it up so it looks better than new! I've actually come to like it, the fuzzy seats aren't a common feature in most cars.

And you thought Lamborghinis and Ferraris attracted alot attention. You know the drill, click the sig, etc.
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The more I look at it, the more I like it. Even the color looks good.

Is that a good thing???
I like it a lot. Its a cool allround design. Pink car with chrome rims and this awesome paintings.
But why is a women painted on the side? It should be a pig. *lol*
A pig might be appropriate too but the anime woman on the side is Suki the driver of the car in the movie 2Fast2Furious. I kinda like the image, lets leave the pigs to Porsche.
i don't think the paint scheme is odd, looks right. so what other mods did you do besides wheelswap?
Yeah Suki ROCK'S she could drive the pink beast around to my place anyday, also loved how she jumps the thing over the draw bridge "Yeah I know its a movie and she was not driving, but hey I beleive in Santa still LOL"
That's the sort of car Lady Penelope of 'Thunderbirds' fame would love to drive
That rocks matey!!

I like the colour and the painting on the side

Can it go any lower? :D It needs to!!! Its a S2k!!! gotta have it scrapin!!
I often buy the Tuner models for parts as well.

I do like the mural on this one, but pink the pink may be a much for me :giggle
i like this car..... nice rims.... i tried to lower mine but hav no idea how to do so...its a bitch to put the car back together after opening it up.....

the paintwork is the best feature of this car.... somehow..lots of girls like this car
The car is a little too pink for me, but good work. I guess the perfect way to go on this S2000 for me is black with black rims and without the wing, but that's just me.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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