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Dusting models (especially the windows)

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hey all,

how are dusting the windows of your models (1:18). i have a very softish brush.
but after some weeks the windows become smal scratches !!!
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What I use is a can of compressed air or a very soft micro fiber cloth. The scratches arent a problem.
If you're using just a regular paint brush, that may be why you got scratches. Try getting one of those make-up brushes we gals use to apply blush. They are sooo soft and gentle.

Also, I like to use the dust clothes they sell now in packages. These are also great for just wiping down the whole model, including any plastic windows. It doesn't have to be a big ordeal to dust a model car without harming it.

on a related note...how do you remove the sticker residue that is sometimes left on the models?
Here's what I do...

I put some GooGone on a Q-Tip and carefully, slowly, apply it to the residue and periodically switch to the dry end of the swab to clean up the dissolved residue. I keep doing this until the residue is gone, then I polish and wax the affected area. The key here is patience...
i use toilet paper... :p
just dad some water on em and wipe away...

as for sticker residue, i use autoglym to remove the residue and give the surface a slight polish, and zymol detailer to give it a nice gloss top coat
Goo Gone proffesional :giggle :cheers
I use a 'make-up' brush as well, never a 'duster', scared of damaging wing mirrors etc.
I can assure you it wasn't my 'make-up' brush :giggle
Nice tip about make-up brush, hadn't thought about trying one of them :cheers :cheers
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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