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2nd DiecastXchange Model Car Tuning Contest.

The DX Staff and I welcome you to the 2[sup]nd[/sup] Tuning Contest of this forum.
The First contest was a blast and we want to do it again.
This contest is to see what you guys can put together, to compete to others, its not about winning! But is for us all to have a little fun.
All Contesters will be running against each other, to have one clean simple overview.

For the contest we have come up with a few rules and guidelines. Please read through them to make sure you qualify.

Here are the simple rules:
- Each contestant must be a active member of the DX forum with a minimum of 100 posts or membership over 12 months.
- Anybody can build what they want, There is no Theme.
- It must be scale 1:18
- Before, WIP and Finalized Pictures are necessary. 2x 'Before', 2x 'WIP' and 6x 'Finalizeded' photos. (Example photos are below. More photos are welcomed, but will be selected which ones will be posted
- Minimum of 10 Photos total.
- The finished model should have a natural background. No fancy photo shopped pictures please, keep it clean and simple, good enough to tell the details. If the photos are not sufficient enough, we will let you know to please re-take them.
- All information will be posted by me, TK-Diecast (Lars)
- The pictures and details to the build must be sent to the fallowing email address till the deadline on the 31[sup]st[/sup] of December 2016 ([email protected])
- Once all information and photos are submitted by email, it will be sorted and Posted in the Contestants thread.
- Each contestant will get a response email confirming we received it. If you don't get one within 24-48 hours, please contact a forum admin or me via PM
- Each build cannot be posted in the forum already. The model you submit must be unknown within the fourm. So no WIP or finnished photos of your model till the contest is over.

Here are examples of how the photos and short listed mod/info list should be. It doesn't have to be like this but in this direction please.

1:18 Nissan Skyline BNR34
- AutoArt Base
- Volk racing TE-37 custom rims, painted in Titanium Gold, color detailed lug nuts (Mounted so they still spin and steer)
- Lowered suspension
- Custom Brembo brake discs and calipers
- Carbon fiber hood, clear coated
- Custom fitting aluminium exhaust pipe, with custom Laser engraving
- Sport seats with carbon fiber shell
- Takata racing harness
- Carbon fiber details added (if not visible in the photos please ad to the description)
- Engine details ( please add a photo and a list of which details if needed)

2x 'Before' photos:

2x 'WIP' photos:

6x 'Finalized' photos:

If there are any un-answered questions, please ask them in the discussion thread or feel free to PM me about it.

Link to the Thread: http://www.diecastxc...-tuner-contest/

In best Regards your Contest Host and the DX Team.
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