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Many of you who are avid model customizers and builders have inquired about how to get your own personalized portfolio forum in the DX Artisans Studio. We wanted to offer our established members the ability to showcase their completed model customizations and/or builds in a special way. What is an established member, you ask?

To qualify as as established member you must meet all of the following requirements:
1. Must be a registered member for three months (90 days) or more
2. Must have a post count of 100 or more and at least one DX Member Spotlight topic
3. Must be regularly active
4. Must be a positive contributor
5. Must be in good standing with the DX community

Having a personalized portfolio forum is a privilege that must be earned and maintained. We expect our established members to be regularly active, as well as positive contributors within this hobby community. Thus, we wanted to reward their involvement by allowing them the opportunity to display their hard work, talent, and individuality. How do you qualify for the DX Artisans Studio, you ask?

To qualify for the DX Artisans Studio you must meet all of the following requirements:
1. Must have completed at least three model customizations and/or builds.
2. Must contribute at least two topics to the DX Custom Model Resources each year.
3. Must contribute at least one topic to the DX Model Tuner Shop each year.
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