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DiecastXchange Forum
The Complete Help, Tutorials, Guidelines, How To's, Facts and FAQ
for The Complete Diecast Collectors Message Forum

Table of Contents
  • 1. Registration Benefits

    2. Member Features and Functions
  • Your Control Panel
  • Menu
  • My Assistant
  • Personal Message

    3. User Groups, Moderators and Titles
  • User Groups
  • Forum moderators
  • Forum Led by:
  • Titles

    4. DX Forum Staff Mission

    5. Forum Features and Functions
  • Logging In and Out
  • Recovering Lost Passwords
  • Contacting Moderator Team
  • Reporting a Post
  • Member List
  • Cookies and cookie usage
  • Calendar
  • Warning Level
  • Posting Delay
  • Lo-Fi Version

    6. Topics, Posts and Polls
  • Poll Options
  • Quoting Posts
  • Editing Posts
  • Add Reply
  • Post Count
  • Bburago Code
  • Do Tags
  • New Topic
  • Report
  • Top
  • Fast Reply
  • Today's Active Topics
  • View New Posts
  • Topic Options
  • Hotlinking to Uploaded Photos
  • Shadow Posting
  • Pinned Topics
  • Emoticons

    7. Image Upload and Upload Sizes
  • Assumptions
  • Procedures
  • Linking Pictures
  • Notes

    8. Topic and Keyword Search
  • Simple Mode
  • Advanced Mode

    9. Forum Index and Layout
  • Welcome Back
  • Latest News
  • Categories>Forums>Subforums
  • Differences in Forums
  • Forum Icons
  • Board Statistics
  • Users Browsing
  • Forum View
  • Track This Topic
  • Email This Topic
  • Print This Topic

    10. Signature Banners
  • Signature Sizes
  • Hosting of Signature
  • Signature Contents

    11. Gallery

    12. Spamming

    13. User Names

    14. Banner/Signature Contests
  • Guidelines
  • Voting Process

    15. Classifieds
  • Buying and Selling
  • Pruning Content
  • Emailing Sellers

    16. DX Shoutbox

    17. DX Warning System
    Guidelines Coming Soon!!!

    18. DX Top Sites
    Guidelines Coming Soon!!!

    19. DX Humor Content

    20. DiecastXchange Member Map
    Guidelines Coming Soon!!!
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1. Registration Benefits
To be able to use all the features on this board, you are required to register for a member account. Registration is free and only takes a moment to complete.

During registration you must supply a valid email address. This is important as you will need validate your registration via an email. If your e-mail does not arrive, then on the member bar at the top of the page, there will be a link that will allow you to re-send the validation e-mail.

In some cases, the administrators will need to approve your registration before you can use your member account fully. If this is the case you will be notified during registration.

***Special note: If your using an AOL and/or a free email account, these services often and frequently filter validation emails and disrupts the validation process. The problem is due to compatibility issues between those services and that of the IPB powered boards. In these cases Validations will be done manually by the Forum Administrators.

Once you have registered and logged in, you will have access to your personal messenger and your control panel.

For more information on these items, please see the relevant sections.
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  • 2. Member Features and Functions

    Your Control Panel(My Controls)
    Your control panel is your own private board console within DiecastXchange.

    You can change or manage the following settings in your control panel:
    *Your Account Settings
  • Recent attachments

    Your Account Summary
  • Email address
  • Posts
  • Registered On date
  • Average posts per day

    Recently read topics
  • A record of recently read topics you have read.

  • Allows you to store notes. You can change the size of your notepad between small, medium and large.

    Your menu allows you to manage all of your forum activities.

    You can change or manage the following settings in your Menu:
  • Inbox
  • Sent Items

  • View Topics-A record of all topics you have posted to or started.
  • View Forums-A record of all forums that you have subscribed to a topic within.

    **This is where you manage your topic and forums subscriptions. Please see the help file 'Email Notification of new messages' for more information on how to subscribe and unsubscribe to topics.

    *Personal Profile
  • Edit Profile info-Add or edit contact information, personal information, member title, website and messenger id's.
  • Edit Signature-Add or edit signature.
    -A 'signature' is very similar to an email signature. This signature is attached to the foot of every message you post unless you choose to check the box that allows you to omit the signature in the message you are posting. You may use Bburago Code to attach your signature.
  • Edit Avatar Settings-Add or edit avatar.(Currently disabled)
    -DiecastXchange currently does not offer Avatar permissions at this time.
  • Change Personal Photo-Add or edit personal photo.(Currently disabled)
    -This section will allow you to add a photograph to your profile. This will be displayed when a user clicks to view your profile, on the mini-profile screen and will also be linked to from the member list.

  • Purchase Paid Subscriptions-To subscribe, simply select the radio button next to your subscription choice and then choose which payment method you wish to use below. Clicking on the continue button will bring you to a confirmation screen and may ask for more details depending on which payment method you've chosen. DX currently does not offer any paid subscriptions.
  • Manage Your Attachments - Allows you to manage all your global uploads.
  • Manage Ignored Users - This section allows you to set up your ignored users list.
    When you add a user to your 'Ignore List', any posts they make will be masked until you specify that you wish to read them. You may not be able to ignore users if they are in a member group which doesn't allow them to be added.
  • Email Settings-Manage privacy settings and board preferences.
  • Board Settings-Manage time zones, view members' signatures, view images in posts, email notifications of PM, PM pop-up notification, Fast Reply, number of posts and topics to show.
  • Change Email Address-Edit email address (You will have to re-validate your account after changing your email address. An email will be sent to the email address you specify, outlining what you need to do.)
  • Change Password-edit your password.

    **Email Settings
  • 'Hide My Email Address' allows you to deny the ability for other users to send you an email from the board. (Currently disabled)
  • Send me updates sent by the board administrator will allow the administrator to include your email address in any mailings they send out - this is used mostly for important updates and community information.
  • Include a copy of the post when emailing me from a subscribed topic, this allows you to have the new post included in any reply to topic notifications.
  • Send a confirmation email when I receive a new private message, this will send you an e-mail notification to your registered e-mail address each time you receive a private message on the board.
  • Enable 'Email Notification' by default?, this will automatically subscribe you to any topic that you make a reply to. You may unsubscribe from the 'Subscriptions' section of 'My Controls' if you wish.

    Skins and Languages
    This affects how the board is displayed so you may wish to preview the skin before submitting the form. DX currently offers only one skin and language.

    My Assistant
    This feature is sometimes referred to as a 'Browser Buddy'.

    *Since your last visit...
  • At the top it tells you how many posts have been made since you last visited the forum. Underneath, you will find how many of those posts you have replied to or started.

    Click on the 'View' link on either of the two sentences to see the posts.

    *Show me..
  • The moderating team-The link to the moderating team is basically a quick link to see all those that either administrate or moderate certain forums on the message board.
  • Today's top 10 posters-Today's Top 10 Posters link shows you exactly as the name suggests. It shows you the amount of posts by the members and also their total percentage of the total posts made that day.
  • Overall top 10 posters-The overall Top 10 Posters link shows you the top 10 posters since the forum has been installed.
  • My last 10 posts-My last 10 posts links to the latest topics that you have made on the board. These are shortened on the page, to save space, and are linked to if you require to read more of them.

    *Search posts for...

    *Search help for...
  • These two search features allow you to search the whole board for certain words in a whole topic. It isn't as featured as the normal search option so it is not as comprehensive.
  • The Help Search is just as comprehensive as the normal help section's search function and allows for quick searching of all the help topics on the board.

    Personal Messenger Tutorial
    Your personal messenger acts much like an email account in that you can send and receive messages and store messages in folders.

    Send a new PM
    This will allow you to send a message to another member. If you have names in your contact list, you can choose a name from it - or you may choose to enter a name in the relevant form field. This will be automatically filled in if you clicked a 'PM' button on the board (from the member list or a post). You may also enter in multiple names in the box provided, will need to add one username per line.

    If you choose to check the 'Add a copy of this message to you sent items folder' box, a copy of the message will be saved for you for later reference.

    If you tick the 'Track this message?' box, then the details of the message will be available in your 'Message Tracker' where you will be able to see if/when it has been read.

    Go to Inbox
    Your inbox is where all new messages are sent to. Clicking on the message title will show you the message in a similar format to the board topic view. You can also delete or move messages from your inbox.

    Empty PM Folders
    This option provides you with a quick and easy way to clear out all of your PM folders.

    Edit Storage Folders
    You may rename, add or remove folders to store messages is, allowing you to organize your messages to your preference. You cannot remove 'Sent Items' or 'Inbox'. All members have a maximum PM Storage of 50.

    PM Buddies/Block List
    You may add in users names in this section, or edit any saved entries. You can also use this as a ban list, denying the named member the ability to message you.
    Names entered in this section will appear in the drop down list when sending a new PM, allowing you to quickly choose the members name when sending a message.

    Archive Messages
    If your messenger folders are full and you are unable to receive new messages, you can archive them off. This compiles the messages into a single HTML page or Microsoft © Excel Format. This page is then emailed to your registered email address for your convenience.

    Saved (Unsent) PMs
    This area will allow you to go back to any PM's that you have chosen to save to be sent later.

    Message Tracker
    This is the page that any messages that you have chosen to track will appear. Details of if and when they have been read by the recipient will appear here. This also gives you the chance to delete any messages that you have sent and not yet been read by the intended recipient.

    Email Notifications
    This board can notify you when a new reply is added to a topic. Many users find this useful to keep up to date on topics without the need to view the board to check for new messages.

    Messenger Box Size
    Your Messenger box has a maximum size of 50 storable messages. The bar graph at the top of your message space indicates space used and left.

    Topic Subscription Tutorial
    There are three ways to subscribe to a topic:

    1. Click the 'Track This Topic' link at the top of the topic that you wish to track
    On the posting screen when replying to or creating a topic, check the 'Enable email notification of replies?' checkbox

    2. From the e-mail settings section of your User CP (My Controls) check the 'Enable Email Notification by default?' option, this will automatically subscribe you to any topic that you make a reply to

    Please note that to avoid multiple emails being sent to your email address, you will only get one e-mail for each topic you are subscribed to until the next time you visit the board.

    3. You are also able to subscribe to each individual forum on the board, to be notified when a new topic is created in that particular forum. To enable this, click the 'Subscribe to this forum' link at the bottom of the forum that you wish to subscribe to.

    To unsubscribe from any forums or topics that you are subscribed to - just go to the 'Subscriptions' section of 'My Controls' and you can do this from there.


    Follow the steps in the email notification with instructions on how to unsubscribe.
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3. User Groups, Moderators and Titles
Every member of DX is identified by a user group.

User Groups
Elite Members: Registered User
Company Represenative- Registered User
Members: Registered user
Validating: New user awaiting account validation
Guests: Non registered user
Authorized Advertisers: Retailer and/or Vendor
Banned: No longer a user

Forum Moderators
-Site Owner/ Forum Founder
-Forum Manager
-Super Moderator

Forum Led By:
This indicates the moderator group(s) responsible for moderating that particular forum.

At DX, all moderating groups moderate the entire the forums.

The member titles are located beneath your user name. You can create a custom title in your personal control panel or use the default title.

The default titles are:
Junior Member
Diecast Addict
Diecast-A-Holic: 1 Star
Diecast Fanatic: 1 Star
Super Collector:1 Star
Diecast Master: 2 Stars
Gold Collector: 3 Stars
Platinum Collector: 4 Stars
Collecting Guru: 5 Stars
Diecast Jedi: 6 Stars
Ace Collector: 7 Stars
Grand Collector: 8 Stars
DX Hall of Fame Collector: 9Stars

Members can change their default title in the control panel.

The stars commonly referred to as pips, are visual representations of your post count and membership level.

***Please make a mental note that high post counts and/or medal count do not make any member of DX more important than another. Contributions and committed service to the hobby is the mark of an exceptional member.
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4. DX Forum Staff Mission
DiecastXchange was created in April of 2003 as a recreational site for collectors and enthusiasts. DX's intent and main purpose is to promote the hobby of diecast collecting, sharing of information and to have a good time while enjoying the hobby. In order to maintain the aforementioned, moderators are needed to ensure DX stays true to its original intent and purpose.

The DX Forum Staff is a selected group of members who demonstrate a unselfish passion and dedication to the hobby and its fundamental growth and enjoyment. All are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time and efforts in serving the diecast community.

The Staff commonly referred to as Ringers, moderate the forums in a manner which is productive to the efficiency and best interest of the DX Community and forums. Answering questions/concerns, while expecting members to be mature, civil and respectful to others is often the beginning of a Staff Members day. There's often a lot of behind the scenes activities going on to ensure that the DX Community remain enjoyable and user friendly.

There is no instructional manual on how to be a moderator, all decisions are arbitrary and usually comes down to common sense and the best interest of the community as a whole. Some moderating decisions are simple while other can be of a complex nature...even when they shouldn't be.

As all the staff are members of the DX Community, we like to enjoy the forums just as much as any other member. With all of the forums DX have, moderating someone's topics, posts is something we do out of necessity.
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5. Forum Features and Functions
Logging In and Out
If you have chosen not to remember your log in details in cookies, or you are accessing the board on another computer, you will need to log into the board to access your member profile and post with your registered name.

When you log in, you have the choice to save cookies that will log you in automatically when you return. Do not use this option on a shared computer for security.

You can also choose to hide - this will keep your name from appearing in the active users list.

Logging out is simply a matter of clicking on the 'Log Out' link that is displayed when you are logged in. If you find that you are not logged out, you may need to manually remove your cookies. See the 'Cookies' help file for more information.

Recovering lost passwords
Security is a big feature on this board, and to that end, all passwords are encrypted when you register.
This means that we cannot email your password to you as we hold no record of your 'encrypted' password. You can however, apply to have your password reset.

To do this, click on the Error! Bookmark not defined. found on the log in page.

Further instruction is available from there.

Contacting Moderator Team
If you need to contact a moderator or simply wish to view the complete administration team, you can click the link 'The moderating team' found at the bottom of the main board page (the first page you see when visiting the board), or from 'My Assistant'.

This list will show you administrators (those who have administration control panel access), global moderators (those who can moderate in all forums) and the moderators of the individual forums.

If you wish to contact someone about your member account, then contact an administrator - if you wish to contact someone about a post or topic, contact either a global moderator or the forum moderator.

Reporting a post
If the administrator has enabled this function on the board, you'll see a 'Report' button in a post, next to the 'Quote' button. This function will let you report the post to the forum moderator (or the administrator(s), if there isn't a specific moderator available). You can use this function when you think the moderator(s) should be aware of the existence of that post. However, do not use this to chat with the moderator(s)!. You can use the email function or the Personal Messenger function for that.

Member List
The member list, accessed via the 'Members' link at the top of each page, is basically a listing of all of the members that have registered on the board.

If you are looking to search for a particular member by all/part of their username, then in the drop down box at the bottom of the page, change the selection from 'Search All Available' to 'Name Begins With' or 'Name Contains' and input all/part of their name in the text input field and press the 'Go!' button.

Also, at the bottom of the member list page, there are a number of sorting options available to alter the way in which the list is displayed.

If a member has chosen to add a photo to their profile information, then a camera icon will appear next to their name, and you may click this to view the photo.

Cookies and cookie usage
Using cookies is optional, but strongly recommended. Cookies are used to track topics, showing you which topics have new replies since your last visit and to automatically log you in when you return.

If your computer is unable to use the cookie system to browse the board correctly, then the board will automatically add in a session ID to each link to track you around the board.

-Clearing Cookies

You can clear the cookies at any time by clicking on the link found at the bottom of the main board page (the first page you see when returning to the board). If this does not work for you, you may need to remove the cookies manually.

Removing Cookies in Internet Explorer for Windows

· Close all open Internet Explorer Windows
· Click on the 'start' button
· Move up to 'Find' and click on 'Files and Folders'
· When the new window appears, type in the domain name of the board you are using into the 'containing text' field. (If the boards address was 'http://diecastxchange.com/forums/index.php' you would enter 'diecastxchange.com' without the quotes)
· In the 'look in' box, type in C:WindowsCookies and press 'Find Now'
· After it has finished searching, highlight all files (click on a file then press CTRL+A) and delete them.

-Removing Cookies in Internet Explorer for Macintosh

· With Internet Explorer active, choose 'Edit' and then 'Preferences' from the Macintosh menu bar at the top of the screen
· When the preferences panel opens, choose 'Cookies' found in the 'Receiving Files' section.
· When the cookie pane loads, look for the domain name of the board (If the boards address was 'http://www.diecastxchange.com/forums/index.php' look for 'diecastxchange.com' or 'www.diecastxchange.com'
· For each cookie, click on the entry and press the delete button.

Your cookies should now be removed. In some cases you may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

This board features it's very own calendar feature, which can be accessed via the calendar link at the top of the board.

You are able to add your own personal events to the calendar - and these are only viewable by yourself. To add a new event, use the 'Add New Event' button to be taken to the event posting screen. There are three types of events that you can now add:

A single day/one off event can be added using the first option, by just selecting the date for it to appear on.

-Ranged Event - is an event that spans across multiple days, to do this in addition to selecting the start date as above, will need to add the end date for the event. There are also options available to highlight the message on the calendar, useful if there is more than one ranged event being displayed at any one time.

-Recurring Event - is a one day event, that you can set to appear at set intervals on the calendar, either weekly, monthly or yearly.

You may also be able to add a public event, that will not just be shown to yourself, but will be viewable by everyone.

There will be a link to all the birthdays happening on a particular day displayed on the calendar, and your birthday will appear if you have chosen to enter a date of birth in the Profile Info section of your control panel.

Warning Level
In your members profile, you will find a bar graph entitled "Warning Level". This is a forum feature that allows Administrators the function of warning members for unbecoming behavior on the forums.

Members can only see their Warning Level and no one else's. Admin and Moderators can see all members warning level.

The warning level is currently disabled as there has not been a single reason to resort to this type of warning.

Posting Delay
There is a 7 second posting delay on the DX Forums. This delay is in place for various

Lo Fi Version
This allows forums to be viewed in its most basic manner, no pictures, no graphics and no optional features.

Most effective for dial-up users.
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6. Topics, Posts and Polls
There are three different posting screens available.

The new topic button, visible in forums and in topics allows you to add a new topic to that particular forum.

The new poll button (enabled in DX Polls only) will also be viewable in topics and forums allowing you to create a new poll in the forum.

When viewing a topic, there will be an add reply button, allowing you to add a new reply onto that particular topic.

When making a post, you will most likely have the option to use IBF code when posting. This will allow you to add various types of formatting to your messages.

*For more information on this, click the 'Bburago Code Help' link under the emotion box to launch the help window.

On the left of the text entry box, there is the clickable emotions box - you can click on these to add them to the content of your message (these are known as 'smilies').

There are three options available when making a post or a reply.

'Enable emoticons?' if this is unchecked, then any text that would normally be converted into an emoticon will not be.

'Enable signature?' allows you to choose whether or not you would like your signature to appear on that individual post.

'Enable email notification of replies?' ticking this box will mean that you will receive e-mail updates to the topic, see the 'Email Notification of new messages' help topic for more information on this.

You also have the option to choose a post icon for the topic/post when creating one. This icon will appear next to the topic name on the topic listing in that forum, or will appear next to the date/time of the message if making a reply to a topic.

You will also see a file attachments option, this will allow you to attach a file to be uploaded when making a post. Click the browse button to select a file from your computer to be uploaded. If you upload an image file, it may be shown in the content of the post, all other file types will be linked to.

Poll Options
If you have chosen to post a new poll, there will be an extra two option boxes at the top of the help screen.

The first input box will allow you to enter the question that you are asking in the poll. The text field underneath is where you will input the choices for the poll. Simply enter a different option on each line. The maximum number of choices is preset, and this figure is displayed on the left.

Quoting Posts
Displayed above each post in a topic, there is a 'Quote' button. Pressing this button will allow you to reply to a topic, and have the text from a particular reply quoted in your own reply. When you choose to do this, an extra text field will appear below the main text input box to allow you to edit the content of the post being quoted.

Editing Posts
Above any posts that you have made, you may see an 'Edit' button. Pressing this will allow you to edit the post that you had previously made.

When editing you may see an option to 'Add the 'Edit by' line in this post?'. If you tick this then it will show up in the posts that it has been edited and the time at which it was edited. If this option does not appear, then the edit by line will always be added to the post.

If you are unable to see the edit button displayed on each post that you have made, then the administrator may have prevented you from editing posts, or the time limit for editing may have expired.

Add Reply
This buttons allows you to post a reply to a topic. Your post will be placed in the order it was added.

If this button replaced by a 'Locked' button, then all posting privileges have been removed by the Admin or Moderators for various reasons.

Post Count
Your post count will increase with posts to each forum with the exception of DX Classifieds, DX Humor and DX Banner Signatures. Creating topics in these three categories will not increase overall post count.

Bburago Code
This code is what allows pictures to be linked and text to be edited. This delay is in place to prevent posting abuse.

Additional Bburago Code can be found in the Post Topic Settings underneath the Emoticon box.

Do Tags
In order to post pics from a dynamic site, Bburago Code will not work, you will need to use 'Do Tags'

This is an example of what a post using 'Do Tags' will look like:
ensure that } is replaced with the correct tag of: ]

New Topic
This button allows you to add a new topic to a any particular forum.

This buttons allows you to report a topic to the Admin or Moderating team.

Please refrain from using this button unless you have made a determination that the topic is obscene, inflammatory and derogatory. On the following screen, please indicate why the post is being reported.

Once the topic is reported, the Admin and Moderators will take appropriate action to correct in violations.

By clicking on this button, you will be taken directly to the top of that particular topic.

Fast Reply
Where it has been enabled, there will be a fast reply button on each topic. Clicking this will open up a posting box on the topic view screen, cutting down on the time required to load the main posting screen. Click the fast reply button to expand the reply box and type the post inside of there. Although the fast reply box is not expanded by default, pressing the 'More Options' button will take you to the normal posting screen.

Today's Active Topics
You can view which new topics have new replies today by clicking on the 'Today's Active Topics' link found at the bottom of the main board page (the first page you see when visiting the board). You can set your own date criteria, choosing to view all topics with new replies during several date choices.

View New Posts
The 'View New Posts' link in the member bar at the top of each page, will allow you to view all of the topics which have new replies in since your last visit to the board.

Topic Options
At the bottom of each topic, there is a 'Topic Options' button. Pressing this button will expand the topic options box.

From this box, you can select from the following options:

-Track this topic - this option will allow you to receive e-mail updates for the topic, see the 'Email Notification of new messages' help file for more information on this

-Subscribe to this forum - will allow you to receive e-mail updates for any new topics posted in the forum, see the Notification of new messages' help file for more information on this

Hotlinking Uploaded Photos
DiecastXchange currently does not allow 'Hot Linking'.

Linking to the URL is permissible, however, linking photos directly from DX is not allowed.

Reasons for this are many, but center around photo piracy, bandwidth consumption and non credit.

Shadow Posting
Often known as 'Cross Posting"

This is most often associated with the Classifieds, creating a topic and then going to another forum posting a topic which refers members to the original topic.

This type of posting makes the forums very untidy and creates dead topics in the process. This also makes search queries longer which slows the efficiency of the forums down.

All Shadow Posts will be deleted without warning to the author(s).

Pinned Topics
These topics can be found at the very top of a particular forum. Pinned topics are often used to showcase a critical issue or acknowledge a major announcement.

These are animated gif's which can be found in the posting screen.

Expressing yourself through a keyboard is not always an easy task, often emotions are lost in every keystroke. The emoticons we have access to at DX demonstrate a wide range of emotions which can be used to set the mood as well as change the mood of a topic.
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  • 7. Image Upload and Upload Sizes
    This is for ATTACHING pictures and NOT for creating a LINK through the tag.

    Here's a real quick "tutorial".

    [*]picture is in jpg or jpeg format (bmp files will not display in browser)
    [*]filesize up to 250KB
    [*]picture is on your hard-drive

    [*]while creating a new post, scroll down to "File Attachments" (see below)
    [quote][b]File Attachments [/b]
    You may attach a file to this message.
    Maximum file size: 250KB[/quote]
    [*]click on "Browse" button
    [*]locate your image file and select it
    [*]text field must have at least 1 character/smilie
    [*]if picture is NOT yours, please give appropriate credit to source
    [*]click "Add Reply"

    [b][u]LINKING PICTURES[/u][/b]
    -For those choosing not to upload pictures but instead link pictures, please ensure that your linked pictures fit within the suggested file sizes and pxels aforementioned.
    -Also ensure that your linked pictures are working. All topics created with deadlinks will be pruned without notifying the author of such pruning.

    [u][b]PICTURE SIZE[/b][/u]
    [*]Picture size regardless of linked or uploaded cannot exceed 1024 x 768.
    [*]File size cannot be more than 250KB.
    (No restriction on size of linked thumbnail images.)

    You can only attach 1 single image per post. However, you can link up to 25 images.
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8. Topic and Keyword Search
The search feature is designed to allow you to quickly find topics and posts that contain the keywords you enter.

There are two types of search forms available, simple search and advanced search. You may switch between the two using the 'More Options' and 'Simple Mode' buttons.

Simple Mode
All you need to do here is enter in a keyword into the search box, and select a forum(s) to search in. (to select multiple forums, hold down the control key on a PC, or the Shift/Apple key on a Mac) choose a sorting order and search.

Advanced Mode
The advanced search screen, will give you a much greater range of options to choose from to refine your search. In addition to searching by keyword, you are able to search by a members username or a combination of both. You can also choose to refine your search by selecting a date range, and there are a number of sorting options available. There are also two ways of displaying the search results, can either show the post text in full or just show a link to the topic, can choose this using the radio buttons available.

*You may have a minimum amount of time to wait between searches, this is known as search flood control.

*There are also search boxes available at the bottom of each forum, to allow you to carry out a quick search of all of the topics within that particular forum.

Similar Topics
A new feature installed throughout the forums is Similar DX Topics.

Topics that are similar to the topic you are viewing can be found at the bottom of the topic. These topics are generated through a search query and are returned using the keywords in the topics title.

Typically 5 topics will return in the order they were last active. If there are no similar threads, that doesn't neccessarily means that there aren't any, just none with the same keywords in the topic title.
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  • 9. Forum Index & Layout
    The Forum Index is the first page of the forums. You will also find numerous shortcuts to navigating your way around the forums through the Index page.

    Welcome Back, your last visit was:
    This line of information can indicates the last time you were logged into DiecastXchange.

    Latest News
    This line of information displays the last topic to be replied to in the DX Industry News Forum. By clicking on this link, you will be taken to the topic located in that forum.

    The forum layout includes categories which have forums and some forums may have subforums.

    Here is the current Features>:
  • DX Shoutbox
  • DX Gallery 5 Random Images

    Here is the current Categories>Forums>Subforums:
    DX Diecast Spotlight
  • DX General Discussion
  • DX Model Requests and Petitions
  • DX Members NEW Arrivals
  • DX Member Appreciation
  • DX Member Spotlight
  • DX Model Tips and Tutorials
    -Model Photography Photoshops
    -Model Care
  • DX Industry News Wire
  • DX Diecasts and History
  • DX Gallery <REDIRECT>
  • DX Toplists Sites <REDIRECT>

    DX Events and Activities
  • DX Theme Photos of the Day
  • DX V.I.P. and Headliners
  • DX Banners and Signatures
  • DX Mini Around the World
  • DX Banner & Signature Contest
  • DX Member Map <REDIRECT>
  • DX Calendar <REDIRECT>

    DX Diecast Model Specific Forums
  • DX Model Reviews
  • DX Motorsports
  • DX Exotic | Sports
  • DX Motorcycles
  • DX Sedan | Coupe | Verts
  • DX Classic | Vintage
  • DX Trucks |SUV | Haulers
  • DX Muscle Car | Hot Rod
  • DX Miscellaneous Collectables
  • DX Model Accessories
  • DX Formula 1 | CART | IRL
  • DX Tuners
  • DX Rally
  • DX Drag Racing

    DX Custom Models
  • DX Custom Models
  • DX Custom Tutorials and Resources
  • DX Custom Airbrushing and painting

    DX Classifieds
  • DX Classifieds Notes and Guidelines
  • For Sale
  • Misc Diecast Classifieds
  • Wanted
  • Feedback

    DX Miscellaneous
  • DX Off Topic
  • DX Imagine That...
  • DX Humor

    DX Help Desk
  • DX News and Announcements

    DiecastXchange Archives
  • DX Vault
  • DX Graveyard
  • 2004 Model of the year(read only)
  • 2004 DX Census Survey(read only)
  • 2003 Model of the Year(read only)
Differences in Forums
As we have many different forums, each forum is unique to its own specific contents.

You can find a description of each forum under the forums name.

Forum Icons
There are many icons that will prove useful in identifying topic status as well as help members navigate the forum. The icon legend can be found at the bottom of every forum.

Board Statistics
Located at the bottom of the forums index. The Board Statistics displays 'live' and 24 hour history of the forums activity.
  • Located in the Board Statistics are:
  • Today's Active Topics- Shows all active topics within the past 24 hours.
  • The Moderating Team- Shows the forums staff members.
  • Today's Top 10 Posters- Shows the Top 10 Posters of the past 24 hours.
  • Overall Top 10 Posters- Shows the overall Top 10 Posters of the forum.
  • Members Online Today- Shows all of the registered members who have visited the forums today.
  • Forthcoming Holidays
  • Members Anniversaries
  • Members Joined Today

    *Also displayed are the active users over the past 10 minutes. This area displays guests, members as well as anonymous members.

    *Anonymous members user names will be displayed in the 'Members Online Today" stats and not the "Members currently Active" stats.

    *Last Click- Shows last topic member viewed.
    *Member Name- Shows members current location within the forum.

    *Additional information displayed within the Board Statistics are total of posts members have made, number of registered members, newest registered members and most users ever online.

    *You will lastly find the current time at the bottom of the forums layout.

    Users Browsing
    This feature is located at the bottom of the forum and indicates fellow members who are browsing the same forum and topic. The underlined dashes indicates a member is making a post in that particular forum or topic.

    Forum View
  • Outline+Standard+Linear-Depending upon your browser settings, this will allow you to change the view of topics.
  • Mark this forum read-By clicking on this link it will mark all the topics in that particular forum as read. You can also mark all forums read throughout the entire forums.
  • Subscribe to this Forum-By clicking on this link, you will be subscribed to all new posts within that particular forum. You can also subscribe to individual topics within the topic.
  • -Search Forum-This feature allows you to search within a forum.

    Topic View
  • Page Numbers-Shows how many pages are located in a particular forum or topic.
  • Member Profiles-This information can be found under the users name. It includes title, Group, Posts, Joined Date, From(location) and member number.
  • Post number-This number indicates a count of how many posts are in a particular topic.
  • Search topic-This feature allows you to search within a topic.
  • Order Topic-This allows you to order posts by Last Post, Last Poster, Topic Title, Topic Starter, Topic Started, Attachments, Replies and Views.
    *Alphabetically-This is allows you to order topics in alphabetical order from A-Z or Z-A.
    *Show All-This allows you order topics in a specific date range. You can select from the past 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 60, 90 or Show All. The forums are default to Show All.
    *Topics-This allows you to select specific topics to view. You can select All, Open, Hot, Polls, Locked, Moved, I Started and I Replied.
Track this Topic
This allows you to track this topics replies via email confirmation. See Subscribe to Topic for description on how this works.

Email This Topic
This allows you to email a topic, by placing the recipients name, email address and short message, the topic will be sent via email.

Print This Topic
Download / Print this Topic - will show the topic in a number of different formats. 'Printer Friendly Version' will display a version of the topic that is suitable for printing out. 'Download HTML Version' will download a copy of the topic to your hard drive, and this can then be viewed in a web browser, without having to visit the board. 'Download Microsoft Word Version' will allow you to download the file to your hard drive and open it up in the popular word processing application, Microsoft Word, for viewing off-line.
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10. Signature Banners
A 'signature' is attached to the footer of every message you post unless you choose to check the box that allows you to omit the signature in the message you are posting.

You may test your Signature in the DX Banners and Signatures Forum.

To protect the integrity of the forums layout, Signature Guidelines(Facts) are as follows.

jpeg Signatures
Maximum size should be 610x150 & 55KB Limit.

Anything over this is discretionary and is subject to be removed.

Animated Signatures (gif & png)
Maximum size should be 350x150 & 55KB Limit.

Animated signatures require longer load times and pull more bandwidth, therefore anything over the aforementioned will be removed with out notice.

Hosting of Signature
Please do not host/upload your signatures on DX's Servers, please use your own server or an alternative host for this.

Any banner found to be hosted on DX Servers will be deleted without notice to the member.

Signature Content
Signatures should not contain content that can be construed as inflammatory, explicit or infringe on personal beliefs.

Signatures can contain links, please ensure you are a Authorized Advertiser if your linking to a commercial website. Please refrain from using Signatures and links that your not a webmaster of. Any signature identified as promoting a commercial site that is no the members, will be removed with the member being notified.

***Signatures will only be displayed oncer per topic. Meaning if you post more than once in the same topic, your signaturewill only show in the first post.
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  • 11. Gallery
    The DX Gallery is for registered members of DiecastXchange to upload their photographs of various models and related autos.

    Guests may view the thumbnails of the photos, however, they will have to register and log in to view the full size picture.

    To enter the DX Gallery, simply click on the link entitled [GALLERY] at the top of the header strip. This will take you to the DX Gallery Index. You can then view the gallery by categories.

    There are 5 random images pulled from the gallery and displayed on the forum and gallery index page. These images are pulled at random and rotate as the forum and gallery index page loads.

    Gallery Index Page
    The index page is set up similar to the forums, with categories, subcategories, image counts and comment counts.

    The following categories and subcategories can be found on the index page of the gallery:
    Members Gallery
    A listing of all our member's albums.

    Model Specific
    Photos of models by category.
  • Subcategories:

    [*]Exotic | Sports
    [*]Muscle Car | Hot Rod
    [*]Diorama and Accessories
    [*]Trucks | SUV | Haulers
    [*]Classic | Vintage
    [*]Drag Racing
    [*]Grand Prix | Formula 1 | CART | IRL
    [*]Sedan | Coupe | Verts
    [*]Miscellaneous Collectables
    [*]Tuners | DUB

    Miscellaneous Collectible Photos
    Miscellaneous photos relating to models and other collectibles.

    Custom Models
    Photos of custom models.

    Diecast Company Logos
    Photos of diecast companies logos.

    Toy Show Photos
    Photos of Toy shows.

    Autos and Motorcyles
    Photos of 1:1 autos and motorcycles.

    Automobile and Motorcycle Manufacturer Logos
    Photos of 1:1 manufacturers logos.

    Miscellaneous Automotive Photos
    Miscellaneous photos relating to autos and motorcycles.

    Imagine that...
    Funny pictures, movies and games. Useless or Useful? You to decide.

    Gallery Statistics
    Located at the footer of the Gallery is the statistics of the DX Gallery.

    These statistics show the total number of images posted, comments on each picture, gallery size and total image views.

    You will also find links that show the top 10 rated images, top 10 most viewed images and last 10 comments made.
  • The top 10 rated images are photos that have had the most ratings from 1-5(5 being the best), in order from best to worst.
  • The top 10 most viewed images are the photos which have had the most views.
  • The last 10 comments are comments posted about the picture.

    Gallery Navigation
    Navigating the Gallery is an easy task once you learn what the features are.

    By clicking on a category, you will be taken to an album of photos.

    You can view each photo individually by clicking on the thumbnails or even viewing the slide show.

    There is also a breadcrumb trail, that shows which level of the gallery your located(an example of a breadcrumb trail is:DiecastXchange.com > Gallery > Model Specific > Exotic | Sports > Viewing image)

    By clicking on any level, you can go back a category, gallery index or to the forums.

    If your in a category and choose to view a new page, find the page number at the top or the bottom of the gallery. You can use the arrow keys, click on a number or select the [PAGES] box and type in a page number to view that page.

    Uploading a photo and image size
    Uploading a photo is exactly like uploading a photo to the forums.

    A few things to consider before uploading a photo to the DX Gallery.

    [*] Ensure the photo is 90KB or smaller
    [*] Ensure the photo is a jpeg, gif or png file
    [*] Ensure the picture is located on your hard drive

    Uploading a picture
    Click on the [NEW IMAGE] button>
    You will then be redirected to a posting creen, which looks like the posting screen in the forums.>
    Type whatever description you would like in the posting field(this is optional)>
    fill in the caption of the photo>
    [BROWSE] your desk top for the photo and then select it>
    The click [POST IMAGE]>
    You have now posted a image to the DX Gallery

    You can also use the [BULK UPLOAD] feature to upload multiple photos.

    Picture size
    Photo size is to be no more than 640x480 and larger than 60KB in size. Any picture larger than 60KB will not load.

    Gallery Features
    Slide Show
    The slide show allows you to view an album of photos without having to view each photo indvidually. to use the slide show, follow the following steps:
  • Click on any category>
  • Click the [SLIDE SHOW] button>
  • Select slide show duration in seconds>
  • Sort the photos you want to be viewed by uploaded date, order and date posted>
  • Select whether you want the header or footer to show(do not show the header/footer is suggested)
  • Selec the [Start the slide show!] button and enjoy.

    To end the slide show, select the link entitled [Stop the slide show]

    New Image
    See Uploading an image.

    Bulk Upload
    See uploading an image.

    By selecting the [FAVORITE] button while viewing an image, the image will be saved to your favorites. To view your favorite images, go to your control panel(link entitled[My Controls], in the header strip) and then click on the the [FAVORITES] link in the DX Gallery category located on the left side.

    Posting a comment is just like making a post on the forums. All the emoticons are available as well as Bburago Code. Comments does not count towards overall post count.

    Rate It
    Rating a photo is simple as counting to 5. View the picture, determine where it ranks on a scale of 1-5(5 being the best) in your opinion. Select a number and then click the [Rate It!] button. You will then be redirected and your rating will show in stars.

    The stars will show the following ratings:
    4=Very Good

    ***To prevent abusive ratings, members ratings will only viewable by the adminitrators.***

    Fast Reply
    This feature acts just as the fast reply on the forums, its quick drop down box that allows you post a comment just if you had clicked the [COMMENT] button.

    Sorting Options
    You can view or find a picture by sorting each category.

    In order to sort a category, scroll to the bottom of the Category and find the Sorting Options strip.

    You can then sort by the following:
    Upload Date>Caption>Member>Views>Comments
    Using any of those sorting criterias will place the photos in order by member, views or comments.
    Date>24 Hours>5 Days> Week> 10 Days> 15 Days> 20 Days> 25 Days> 30 Days> 60 Days> 90 Days> Beginning

    ***At this time personal galleries have not been enabled, however, they will be enabled in the near future.
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12. Spamming
Spamming of the forums through topics, pm and or posts is something that has no place on DX and will not be tolerated in the slightest form.

DX is a non profit message forum and website for collectors and enthusiasts of the hobby. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer, vendor and/or retailer.

Spamming will consist of, but not limited to commercial vendors, retailers, distributors and company reps or private agents promoting, recruiting, advertising and selling items through the forums, PM system and emailing members of DX.

Promoting a retail site through banners/signature is also prohibited.

Do NOT use the pm system to promote, recruit or sell.

Members are allowed to recommend(not promote) sales of retailers, items up for auction and retailer sites by creating topics in the Classifieds. Selling multiple items of the same products is arbitrary and will handled at the descretion of the staff.

Members who have websites and wish to link to the DX Topsites, please do so. Please ensure that a reciprocal link is added to your site as well using the DX Banner Link provided.

If you have a website that you would like to promote, please contact the Admin for expressed permission BEFORE posting your sites information. Topics, posts and pm's will be treated as spamming. Period

I would like to stress that DX was not created as a site to represent dealers, manufacturers and/or retailers. Its primary goal was to provide a environment of resourceful information, entertainment and most importantly enjoyment for collectors and hobby enthusiasts alike.
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13. User Names
A username remains one of the most important things to a member as it identifies them who they are to everyone who reads theirs posts.

However, there are a few usernames that will not be allowed during the registration process. Usernames that are racist, slanderous and demeaning have no place on DX and will not be tolerated in the slightest forms.

User names containing .com, .net, .org or any variation of a LINK will not be allowed. If your the owner of a domain, you may use your domain name as your user name. Authorized Advertisers are permitted to run .com, .net in their usernames.

If you would like to change your username, this can be done by the Admin Staff. Only condition is that you make a courtesy post in the open forums informing members of the name change.
14. Banner/Signature Contests
DX will conducts a monthly Banner/Signature Contest at no cost to the members. These contests are based on the creations of members time and talent.

The guidelines are simple, yet effective.

Vote for whichever banner/signature you think is the winner.

Contest Guidelines for participants:
  • Banner/Signature themes will be announced the day the contest starts.
  • Contest will remain open for 2 weeks.
  • Banners/Signatures must be COMPLETED and POSTED by the final day the contest is scheduled to end.
  • Particpants can enter up to 2 banners/signatures per contest.
  • Each banner/signature must be accompanied by a minimum 1 sentence blurb detailing the creators ideas behind the banner.

    Required elements for banners/signature:
  • Picture of diecast model car.
  • Name of creator on banner/signature optional.

    *Participants can any combination of elements they choose, but the aforementioned has to be present on the signatures/banners.
    **Signatures should not contain content that can be construed as inflammatory, explicit or infringe on personal beliefs of others.

    Recommended sizes:
  • jpeg Signatures
    Maximum size should be 610x150 & 55KB Limit.
  • Animated Signatures (gif & png)
    Maximum size should be 350x150 & 55KB Limit.

    Voting process:
  • Voting will be determined by Polls.
  • Polls will run for approximately 5 days.
  • Creators are allowed to vote.
  • Recruiting votes will yield in a instant disqualification of the Banner/Signature. (No Exceptions!!!)
  • Only one vote per IP Address. If it is determined that one person voted more than once under different user names, those votes will be removed. And the member will have to destroy all of their models with a sledge hammer that will be provided Souky(Getter3). And then set upon fire by our resident spoon boy; Scotty Joe. Then our very own King of Canada will buy them ALL for any future value they may acquire.
  • In the event of a tie via the polls, the predetermined tie breaker panel will vote in a public poll to detrmine the winner.
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15. Classifieds
The classifeds forums are for members of DX to sell, buy and trade items. And to this day it a bittersweet forum to moderate.

Selling and Buying
The DX Classifieds forums is specifically for members and authoized advertisers to trade, sell and/or buy diecast models or diecast related items. DX shares no responsibility in the transaction between the aforementioned parties who choose to enter into a buyer/seller relationship.

DX has no way of proving the legitmacy of condition, existence or value of any item being posted. However, staff and admin will monitor any and all posts within this forum in an effort to eliminate potential fakes, scams and spam.

DX will facilitate any transaction that has gone wrong in the form of email and pms to either party at the request of either party. That will be the limit of DX's involvement. DX will not refund any monies, provide a replacement item nor be threatened by willing participants who aren't happy with the way their transaction turned out.

As most if not all transactions take place via pm or email, it is strongly
reccomended that this be the same method used for resolving disputes or
miscommunications. Keep all correspondence which may be relevant until the transaction is complete and both parties are mutually satisfied. Do not bring these disputes onto the open forums.

Pruning Contents
The posts of this forum will be pruned in 90 day increments every 30 days.
The time frames established are more than geneorus for affected posts and respective members.

Pruning is for obvious reasons, to keep the contents of this forum fresh and tidy. This also eliminates unneccessary posts from being backed up in the forums hourly back up session.

Emailing Sellers
The email function for this forum has been disabled due to numerous email
viruses being spread. If you need to contact a seller, either pm or posting in that thread will be your only recourse. As the email functionality will not be available.

Forum Warning
When entering the Classified Forums, members will recieve a courtesy notice screen informing the to be aware of the guidelines.
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  • 16. DX Shoutbox
    To be able to use the DX Shoutbox, you must be a registered member of DiecastXchange.

    The Shoutbox is similar to that of a Instant Messenger, allowing all members to 'shout' in one place.

    Located at the top of the forum index, you will find the DX Shoutbox. Members can effectively 'shout' from the index or they can go into the DX Shoutbox by clicking on the link 'View the Shoutbox'.

    If you would like to minimize the DX Shoutbox, click on the box with the minus sign located on the far right above the DX Shoutbox scroll bar. By clicking on this button you can also maximize it.

    The featueres of the DX Shoutbox include the following:

    Shout Field, you can read the last 40 shouts posted by members.
    This field has the members username, time posted and their 'shout'.

    The drop down box lists all of the colors that a member can 'shout' in. By selecting a color, the posted 'shout' will apear in that color. Black is the default color of DX Shoutbox.

    The blank field next to the drop dwon box is where members type their shout. Anything over 250 characters will be cut off, this includes emoticons as well.

    The 'shout' button is what members use to load their shout. Hitting this button or the [ENTER] key will load the shout.

    The 'clear' button allows a member to clear the shout they are currently typing allowing them to start over or not 'shout' at all.

    The 'smilies' button shows all of the forums smilies which are allowed in the DX Shoutbox.

    The 'BBCodes' button allows a member to use Bburago Codes in their shout. all codes can be found here.

    The 'refresh' button refreshes and updates the DX Shoutbox.

    There are no rules for the DX Shoutbox, only guidelines. These guidelines were set up to ensure the
    efficiency and effectiveness of the DX Shoutbox. The guidelines are simple and straight forward.
  • No Selling in the Shoutbox
  • No Spamming in the Shoutbox
  • No Profanity in the Shoutbox
  • No posting of links in the Shoutbox

    The DX Shoutbox is to be used with the same common courtesy and respect that is used on the forums.
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17. DX Warning System
Coming Soon!!!
18. DX Topsites List

DX Top Sites is a compilation of registered DX Members and Authorized Advertisers websites.

Listing a website is free and easy. Requirements for adding a website consists of but not limited to the webmaster being a member of DX, no porn or adult material websites and no sites that directly spam or add mp3 content to visitors computers.

If you are promoting the latest and greatest porn, mp3, etc., site, your link will be deleted, edited or denied at the Forum Admin descretion.

All sites listed must have a reciprical link back DX. Sites will be checked daily to ensure all links are working properly as well as to determine if a recip link is in place. Any site without a recip link will be removed with/without the submitters consent.

Diecast related retail sites are not permitted unless the retailer/vendor is an Authorized Advertiser. No exceptions! If a site deemed to be considered a retail site by the Forum Admin, the site will be removed with/without the submitters consent.

Only the webmaster of a diecast related site can submit a link, unless expressed permission is given by the Forum Admin. Any member acting as an agent for a website must seek expressed permission from the Forum Admin prior to submitting a site.

To submit a site, simply click on the link [Submit a site]. This will take you a screen where you will fill out the sites name, place the URL for the banner and domain name and descriotion of the site.

Once these four steps are completed, you will be given a code to place on your site. Please use this code instead of the DX domain name. This will allow traffic to and from both sites to be recorded.

Ranks are determined by incoming/outgoing traffic. Sites with the most click throughs will automatically rank higher than those with lesser click throughs.

Any site suspected of click through abuse will be reset or removed from the Top Sites List at the Forum Admins descretion.

You are allowed to vote on sites based on a 1-5 rating system. 5 being the best. However, site owners are not allowed to vote on their own sites. Voting is restricted to a 72 hour period, tracked by IP Addresses.

The Forum Admin reserves the right and descretion to remove any submitted link with/without the submitters permission.
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19. DX Humor Content

The goal of DiecastXchange.com is to maintain a user friendly site for all ages, genders, race, religion and cultural backgrounds, while having fun and sharing a laugh.

There are no rules for posting on DX, only guidelines. The members and staff here at DX are more than capable of policing themselves, so we should never require rules to dictate our postings.

The only guideline I have in regards to posting humor is simple and straightforward.

Please be aware of fellow members when posting offensive humor on the open forums.

this keeps everyone on equal grounds and eliminates problems which can result from material being taken out of context.

We must keep in mind the various sexes, ages, religous and ethnic backgrounds of fellow members when posting humor. As some content may serve its purpose as being humorous, it can also be construed as insensitive to some depending on their background and beliefs.

I will add that all material posted in within this forum, is submitted on a volunteer basis by the poster, DX staff is not notified of humor content before it is posted. However, when we become aware of a offensive content we will proceed in removing the content to avoid any and/or further disappointment that may have resulted from such said postings.
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