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It's the first time I win at a game on DX in 7 years!!! Is there going to be a winner banner like in the past?

25000 ... wow ... I'll take it in cash please $$$ !!!

Man that was fun but I litterally had no life in January, been glued to my computer as soon as I come home from work and having the kids laptop at my side on the sofa while watching TV or a movie with the wife & kids, in case I miss a question!

One night I had tickets for a comedy show for which I've been waiting to go for a few months, when that night came, I didn't want to go cause the questions were coming that night and I didn't want to loose my edge!!!

My family hated me during this whole 24 days!!!!

This was fun and a big thank you to S40 for running it up
... but I'll retire as a winner cause I won't be prisoner of this game for a second time!!!


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Great fun all round - thanks for hosting Nathan!!

And congrats Mooseman for winning by a nose......and the rest!!!

If only it were real money eh?? That'd be almost enough to put a down payment on an AUTOart F1!!!
261 - 264 of 264 Posts
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