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DX Jeopardy Returns!

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Hi all! The mod team has asked me to run another game of DX Jeopardy. I'm on spring break, so I think I have time to do it.

There will be two rounds, single and double Jeopardy, followed by one Final Jeopardy question. Unlike the TV show, I'm not going to wait for contestants to pick the next question. Rather, I will simply move down each category in increasing order. First person to answer each question gets the (imaginary) money. Wrong answers lose money. You can only answer once.

Our categories for "Single Jeopardy":

Expensive Models
Special Paint
Great Racing Liveries
1:12 Scale
"Not available in 1:18"

Our opening question is Expensive models for $100:

"The Lamborghini Reventon, Ferrari F430, and McLaren F1 are three road cars available from this diecast maker in huge 1:8 scale -- for an average price of about $5000!"
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Who is Amalgam? Alex
What is # 65 Chaparral 2?
What is Fine Art Models Ferrari 312pb?
I have this page bookmarked and watch the video every so often:

What is Modena?
I don't have a clue if that is a color, but I do know that is his birthplace.
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What is Herbie-The Love Bug?
What is Crocodile Dundee?
What is environmental concept?
Can you be more specific or descriptive, Al?
What is the image of the earth?
What is Jaguar D-type?
What is Ferrari 250GTO? (wild guess)
What is 428 Cobra Jet?
What is ZL-1 427 Chevrolet?
What is Chrysler 426 Wedge?
What is a Boss 302?
What is the AMC AMX?

BTW, here is a list of defunct car manufacturers in the US:

Kinda mind boggling!
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What is the 1970 Buick Grand Sport Stage 1?

Yes, I'll take it. (John was looking specifically for the Stage 1, but as he's not here, I'll be a little more lenient.) That puts you in the lead, Douglas.

Scores: Dbonser $3700; Spadge1976, $3600; Mairandeddy, $3100; acisne, $3500; Simondc07, $1100; Gavin, $900; S40, $600; Superleggera, $400; Mox, $300; Carbonsigma, $300; Seby123, $200.

Classic Muscle Cars for $400:
Definitely one of the high points of the muscle car era, this 1970 car was officially rated at 450 hp and 500 ft-lb torque, but is believed by many people to have been underated.
What is the Chevelle SS 454 LS6?
What is the Plymouth Road Runner?
What is the GTO Judge option?
What is the 1968 Hurst/Olds?
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