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DX Jeopardy Returns!

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Hi all! The mod team has asked me to run another game of DX Jeopardy. I'm on spring break, so I think I have time to do it.

There will be two rounds, single and double Jeopardy, followed by one Final Jeopardy question. Unlike the TV show, I'm not going to wait for contestants to pick the next question. Rather, I will simply move down each category in increasing order. First person to answer each question gets the (imaginary) money. Wrong answers lose money. You can only answer once.

Our categories for "Single Jeopardy":

Expensive Models
Special Paint
Great Racing Liveries
1:12 Scale
"Not available in 1:18"

Our opening question is Expensive models for $100:

"The Lamborghini Reventon, Ferrari F430, and McLaren F1 are three road cars available from this diecast maker in huge 1:8 scale -- for an average price of about $5000!"
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What is the Morris Mini Cooper S Altonen/Holden car number 13c
i'll wager $300

in fact i'll make it a true daily double and wager my full score
Matt - I think I'm owed 400 notes for my Mini Cooper answer!
I'm guessing that the radical car was the Charger Daytona - and its predecessor was the Charger 500?????
cyclone SPOILER II!
Aw can I not have the money John I got it right! See!!!!! see!!!!!!!!
Great. Just as long as I beat Mairandeddy I'll be happy......
This one is too hard though
Easy - what is the Rambler Rebel!
I have no clue on this one but very interested to see the answer
More research needed in future Eddy, to avoid a score of $0 next time
1 - 17 of 236 Posts
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