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Model Nr. 3

1/18 SunStar 1965 pontiac GTO hardtop
  • -fully wired 421SD pontiac engine with Pontiac logoed valve covers , painted Pontiac engine blue, wired MSD ignition, rubber radiator hoses
  • -cut out vent opening on hood, cut off original tri-power engine
  • -lead free solder wire scratch built exhaust w/metal tip
  • -metal rotating drive shaft
  • -chrome bare metal foil air cleaner
  • -cut roof off, faux leather tonneau cover, Aluminum bare metal foil upper windshield frame
  • -door locks, sun visors, reverse bumper lights, functional gas trap door, extending antenna, and wipers from hwy61 '66 GTO
  • - full size functional trunk with spare from '66 GTO, trunk lid custom held by original mechanism
  • -ribbon seat belts with pe buckles
  • -GTO floor mats
  • -gmp mag GTO wheels, 3D designed and printed hubs and inner race/addapters
  • -3D designed and printed steering rack to adjust front wheel alignment
  • -3D designed and printed wheel hubs and inner race connector
  • -custom florida (pinnellas county #4) plates from 1966 ( my county, plate by year program)
  • -tach gauge on dash, triple gauge on center console
  • -raised rear suspension

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Not open for further replies.