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DX 'Wild card' thread - Nominate your DX Model review of 2017!

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Hi all,

Sorry I've started so many contests lately, due to the time of the year it's unavoidable really.

One contest that I am pleased to be starting is the 'DX Model review of the year 2017' Here you will get to nominate up to THREE Model reviews from 2017.

The rules are very simple, the review(s) have to have been posted by a DX member in 2017, and you just have to provide the name of the member who made the review & a link to the review.

I will start the Voting thread in one weeks time (8th January) UK evening time.

Thanks for looking in & please cast your Nominations.
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Cheers! I've seen a few that I thought were absolutely fantastic, so I figured I'd introduce this is a new category

Yep, I realise it's a bit of a pain, I plan to continue it next year for 2018 threads, so hopefully everyone will remember some good ones they've seen.
Cool, yep please do

Feel free to get involved folks!!
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Hi all,

Just a quick reminder that nominations will close tonight, so please get your nominations in if you haven't done so already.
Now closed, Voting will start tomorrow.

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