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Dx's FIRST rimmed-up 645ci!!!

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this is my Hot Wheels 645 ci with some oasis B1 rims from a DC truck. the wheels are on the OEM mounts and everything, so the wheels turn and roll with ease! hot wheels diecasts are the sh!t!!! what do you guys think? also, i have a picture of an unfinished sl 55 with some maya dts's. let me know what you guys think; yeah yeah... its not dropped but the whole chassis is little touched. nice eh?! i'm working on 2 hummers i got from kb toys for only 9.99 EACH!!! sweet! i'm also working on a 911 too... but for now...oh shh!!!
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looks great!

That lookss really great with those wheels :nicejob

I see you got the hang of wheel swapping :cheers

Thanks for sharing :cheers
That looks way cool!!! I'm inspired enough by your custom work to try that out myself! Have you considered tinting your windows on teh Bimmer? A 5% limo tint would look really cool. (20% would look really good too.)

One noob question....what is a DC truck??

Are those the 1/18 b-1 rims from the dc trucks or are those 1/24?

Thanks Darrick. I'll have to keep my eyes opened for good deals on them.
Nice work, the 6er looks nice! :cheers
oh man... how do i even do that? with actual tint film?! if you have some suggestions, please let me know! gafotes told me i can spray paint it, but i dont want to use just black paint...i'm thinking you mod gods have done it with that "smoke-out" spray stuff huh (for the headlights/tailights on 1:1)? please let me know, guys!!! i have to finish off these beemers with some tint!!!

as for the rims, they are from a 1:24 scale DUB CITY truck (the ram). you can get some decent deals at your local-and-now-everywhere walmarts or target for under ten bucks.

HERE'S a TIP for all of you who dont know... Hot Wheels cars are dope. the way the mounts and wheel mechanisms work are so easy to use. i just took the wheels off, found out the FRONT were held together by screws, and that was that for the fronts. the rear was tricky and i ended up cutting off the axle with some metal shears. oh well. BUT HERE's SOME REAL GOOD NEWS!!!.... remember ALL THOSE little screws that hold maisto models to their bases? THEY FIT and WILL HOLD the DC wheels in place!!! turns out those screws have some use for me! i'm buying hot wheels from now on for the under 20 dollar cars!!! ALL MY WHEELS roll and the FRONTS turn with the ORIGINAL SUSPENSION!!!!

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Mate Im very impressed with your work... Ive been looking at ways to get this to happen on all my cars that I have fitted DC wheels to... have you taken in build pics so that you could do a tech article for us?


Those wheels definitely suit the car. Great work! :nicejob :nicejob
Ben Pratt- YES! i do have the build in pics of the car because i was so happy with the results! i WILL post to share with you all too! i'm happy to share with you guys because this forum has helped me many times!!! will add ASAP!
Thanks mate looks sweet
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