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1988 Le Mans Toyota 88C from Ebbro.
superb p/work,detailing and tampo's.
my second Ebbro and the second Toyota 88C from them.
who says all ' good things small come in small packages'

Leave it Gaz.......i'll say it for you.....Yeah, i should know! :lol


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I :scared myself the other night as i was talking to Gary and he was asking the same question...so i did a quick count whilst on the phone........
I have not been collecting 1:43 that long but already have 64 :eek:mg :help
there is a certain Canuk who is to blame....HE KNOWS WHO HE IS!
So i'm just gettin' revenge on others...so we got you hooked eh? :lol :lol
It' the only way you are ever going to have certain cars in your collection! :cheers

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I still have a whole 2 at the moment Steve, but it's safe to say I won't be stopping there, so I guess you got me hooked!

You hit the nail on the head. There's too many great cars, racers especially, that just aren't 1:18 material. The TVR racer that I got is just a prime example, and was always going to be at the top of the list if I got pushed down that road :cheers
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