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Ebbro or Minichamps for LFA?

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Which would be the better choice for the Lexus LFA in 1/43? The Ebbro has a smooth side vent where as the Minichamp's has a segmented one. I haven't always heard the best comments about Ebbro's paint quality though and the headlight surrounds are too thick(but look alright on the white and black cars).
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I would personally pick the Minichamps. Most of the time, the Minichamps model raise their value overtime... For some reason, they really rack up their desireability with their 1:43s!

Price-wise and model car craftsmanship aside, I usually buy a brand because of the consistency of packaging (i.e. display case) and presentation (carton sleeve) for stacking my 1:43 models properly and cleanly. You may want to consider that too?
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