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Hi all,
I would like to start a thread about the Japanese model maker Ebbro. While I know they have moved into some 1:24 scale stuff, I have posted in this forum about their 1:43 scale cars - by far the bulk of the company's output.

I myself am a collector of their Skyline GT-R range - their R32, R33 and R34 series to be exact, and I just wanted to create the opportunity to make contact with, discuss, debate, and generally mutually appreciate the amazing quality these cars demonstrate. I am a bit of a technophobe, so those seeking to find pics of my collection of Ebbro Skylines attached will be disappointed, although I have posted a handful of pics of a portion of my Ebbro's here:


So, if anyone has any experience with collecting, handling, dealing, selling etc Ebbro's cars, you are most welcome to relate your experiences here. I personally would love to hear them.

I find that they constitute the most satisfying section of my entire diecast collection, because Ebbro have produced models of my favourite all-time car: The Nissan Skyline GT-R, and in particular, the R32 series. I have unfortunately, only two R32's by Ebbro, whereas in the R33 and R34 range of roadcars, I have the lot. Filling the gaps and finding the missing cars is almost impossible as there are so many people who have never heard of Ebbro, and if they have, then they only started collecting the cars since the more recent R34 range was released. When they do crop up from time to, their rarity makes them prohibitively expensive (for a 1:43), and I cannot justify, nor are willing to pay, the prices asked.

I also want to add that I do have a lone Integra Type R in white by Ebbro, so I also appreciate the quality Ebbro put into other cars in their range. I know for instance that Ebbro NSX's are eagerly sought after in the United States, so I am surely not alone in lamenting the difficulty in completing a collection of our favourite Japanese supercars.

I would be pleased if anyone else has had experience with Ebbro products, and if so, what do you think of them? I would say to those that have not seen an Ebbro car, that they constitute a comparative level of quality and detail as Minichamps, so we are talking about a quality product here.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I get some replies!
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I'd also love to hear of others' thoughts on Ebbro's racers. I've seen their Nissan R91 CP and thought it looked absolutely stunning.

(picture courtesy of Mini-Cast)
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how much do these things usually go for?
The EBBRO R32 GTR's have been selling for ove $100 USD on eBay lately. In the last 12 months their value has seem them equal, and in some cases surpasse, the value of Minichamps models.

The R32 Skylines are by far the most sought after of the EBBRO range, in therms of prices being fetched by sellers. It has become crazy for Skyline collectors, but as AJ says in his opening post they are a superb model and a must have for fans of the GTR.

I thank you for starting this thread. Are you in Scandinavia?

I am in Australia. I drive an R33 Skyline. I have a modest collection of Ebbro Skylines. They are expensive cars - two to three times the cost of a Hotwheels Ferrari.

Here's a picture of mine:


There's a Stagea and local car there as well.

I am about to buy the BLUE and RED R33 LM models:



I am also interested in one of the V35 J-Collection Skylines. I also found the racing Skylines impossible to find, especially the N1 class models like the Endless, Dashin types.

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Could you post any pics of your Skyline??? **drool**
Very nice ride!! Are those Volks TE37s? They match your car beautifully. :happy
Nah mate, I am actually in Australia too, but I like the nickname Anders as a derivation on Andrew. It is something different, and I think, Scandinavian cool! :happy

Ebbros are not the easiest cars to find, and in Australia, they are imported by Graham Ruckert Imports. Even then I think only a select few diecast hops stock the Ebbro range, and I am lucky enough to have a local that does. Previously however, I had to order them through a shop interstate.

Are you happy with Ebbro's quality?
How did you come by your collection of Ebbros? How and where did you find them?
Ebbro is ok for what it is - mass market made in China type models.

It's comparable to Minichamps.

I find some minor faults - I could perhaps forgive it at say AUD$40-50 but at $70-$80 it's a bit much.

I find some poor shutlines, rough plastics but on the whole, it's ok.

The rare models like the magic purple R34 demand incredibly silly prices - would you believe something like $120 - $150!

I got most thru a friend who imports them but as they Skyline finishes production so do the models. You see some places in Sydney sell them and you occasionally see some rare ones.

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I have the R91 CP and it is absolutely stunning. Much better than the JGTC Supras, Skylines, and NSXs in my opinion. The detailing of the decals is similar to what you would find on a much more expensive hand built resin model, such as cutting decals at panel lines.

I started to collect the JGTC grid from 1998 to 2001 when Ebbro first started selling in the U.S., but I had to limit my purchases just it became too much to handle to keep up with my sports car/Le Mans and DTM collections.

The Ebbro Skylines are much more accurate than those produced by AUTOart. If you are going to pick-up a Skyline, look at Ebbro. There is no other comparisons.

The DOME S101 are very intriguing as well. This is one of the first 1/43 diecast that had a removeable engine cowling and engine detail and the shut lines are as tight as a drum.

I'm a big Ebbro fan and I'm looking forward to the release of the 2004 Le Mans Porsche 911 GT3 RSR Team Goh #77.
I purchase many Skylines, 1:18 and 1:43.

Autoart make absolutely atrocious 1:43 Skylines - I don't know where they source their dies from but if you said 'Motormax' I'd believe you. There's too much wrong.

Ebbro make the best in Japanese 1:43 models - their race models are incredible but they are very expensive - somewhere like AUD$90 for the JGTC units - Autoart JGTC 1:18 costs the same!

Autoart's 1:18 Skylines are much better with their JGTC and Nismo models are tops.

First off, welcome to the DX Forum yamix!! It's great to see you here.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the R91 CP and the Dome also.
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Thanks StygianMax for the warm welcome!
first great thread,
I also bought recently a Sklyine by Ebbro.
It was a blue R34 V-Spec II. I was quite satiesfied but I was also very disappointed of its chassis (Unterboden). Before I bought it, I was thinking about buying the AutoArt Skyline...

But I think this is an exception and the NSX is much better.
I´m looking forward to add these Ebbros to my collection.

Do you have a AutoArt-Skyline? How does it compare in your eyes to the Ebbro-one?
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The wheels are a bit off - if you have the Ebbro Skylines, they Autoart ones will look bad.

The car looks much less 'fine'.

BUT the Ebbro ones are on avg. a 3rd to 50% more expensive.

You are right. The cost of the Ebbro cars is just silly, but the quality is not bad at all for a 1:43.
I agree with Tony that there are some issues with quality on SOME cars that really should not be tolerated from a car pitched at the same sort of quality as Minichamps, but with a price more expensive. However, in saying, I know of no other diecast manufacturer that produces the same Japanese cars, so for collectors of Japanese models, Ebbro is almost your first (and in many cases) last stop.
In answer to the AutoArt vs. Ebbro debate, I find the details on the AutoArt R34's really good, but the whole 'feel' of the car - something about how it looks as a whole - is not up to the Ebbro car.

As I basically only collect the GT-R range in Ebbro, I cannot speak for the rest of their products.
Just seeing if this works.
What a masterpiece!! :cool Did you build that yourself ajrichar?
I certainly did, although I did not expect the image to come out. When I tried attaching the picture, it told me that the attachment was too large... Strange.

Yes, I built the diorama and catalogued my progress in another forum. I can post the link here of you like.

I also have plenty more pics of the diorama but with cars other than the Ebbro ones. I just wanted to click off a few shots of all three Ebbro GT-R models together (not including the KPGC10 cars).

More shots of the Ebbro Skylines are at:


And there are more pics of the diorama in the 'Toyota' album on my photobucket site.

Let me know what you think.

I will try to take more shots of other Skyline GT-Rs by Ebbro that I have.
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