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Here's a one of the first models I bought. It's actually what got me started in the whole collecting thing. As time went on I realized there are allot better models out there by different manufacturers. This model doesn't happen to be one of the better ones but it's worth a look.

The paint job is a little patchy with color mismatch on the doors and rear spoiler. The underside of the hood is barely covered with paint (only a slight misting). Also the paint doesn't have a nice quality shine to it. It's almost dull. To get it to shine a little more I applied Meguiar's car wax to it, which made quite a bit of difference. All of the emblems appear to be stickers.

The exterior and general casting is good other than the driver's door does not lign up properly with the rest of the body, which you'll clearly see in the pictures. The headlights are mounted with the biggest posts I've seen, which again is clearly evident in the picture of the front end. The hood is out of alignment which throws the stripes out of line. The grill is done rather well but you can tell it is painted over chrome. The louvers in front of the rear wheels are sloppily painted. The side marker lights are painted rather than clear colored inserts. The chrome trim around the windows is painted on with a dull silver. The back up lights are croocked and the chrome trim around the tail lights doesn't cover the edge of the lights. Most of the body panel gaps are decent but the trunk does not open. The tires are plastic with decent tread design but the wheels look pretty good.

Engine detail is fair with minimal plumbing and no ignition wires. The headers are quite rough, almost as if they were cut from the plastic tree and no one even thought of trimming them. Other than that, not too too bad.

The interior is almost laughable with the pedals molded right into the floor board. The seats have sharks tooth pattern inserts which is appropriate for the era of the car.

Here's my opinion: if someone really wants a budget 69' Camaro, this is it. Don't expect precision or high quality detail.

[/B]Paint 4
Exterior 4
Interior 2
Wheels 3
Engine 4
Competition 2
Desirability 3
Overall 20

I only got this model because I wanted a 69' Camaro.

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Thanks for the review :cheers

Looking at it, considering that I don't have any classic Camaros, I would raise the desirability up a little higher. :giggle

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Try an Ertl Precision 100 or Ertl Authenitc - much better quality and very reasonable on ebay these days.
Another necromancer!

Dude! you realize this thread is 6 years old?
Much has change in that time! A mass produced $20 model will have limitations.

Ertl Precision 100 never made a Camaro, only Fords and the 300C for Chrysler and Authentics only made the '67 and no 68's or 69's.
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