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Yet another review from me. I got this model quite awhile back and noticed it wasn't in the review database so here goes.

From the outside this is a very nice looking car. The paint coverage is very well done. No nicks or bumps with quite allot of shine. Believe me I had a hard time taking pictures of this car because of all the reflections and dark color.

The inside of the hood is painted flat black but there is no Corvette emblem on the inside of the hood. Eveything on the car is metal including the roof, unlike the Maisto versions of Corvettes. Can't say much about the headlights because there are'nt any. The front park lights have very visible mounting posts. The tail lights on the other hand are well done with no visible mounting posts. Big flaw on ERTL's part: the 3rd brake light is painted on. The side markers are colored plastic with very small mounting posts which makes the posts almost invisible.

Nice detail on the front brake calipers with the Corvette logo. The rotors do not roll indepent of the calipers. Another thing: the rotors look almost too small. The tires are plastic with good tread detail. The wheels to me, aren't quite as shiny as the real thing but they do look good. The body gaps are fair but I would like to see them tighter. The gaps around the trunk are tight but the hood could be tighter.

Now the interior is a real disappointment. The seats look like they are way to low and everything inside is way too plasticy looking. There is an overall lack of detail. Large gaps between the different interior pieces will make you want to keep the doors closed on this model.

The engine detail is quite good with the Corvette logo printed nicely on the valve covers. Various caps and canisters are painted.

These cars are numbered with mine being #1332 of 7550.

My Opinion

Paint 6 (has good coverage with good shine)
Exterior 4 (panel gaps could be tighter)
Interior 3 (lack of detail, poorly fitted parts, seats look terrible)
Wheels/Brakes 4 (rotors don't roll with wheels but nice caliper detail)
Engine/Undercarriage 5 (good detail, undercarriage has oil filter showing)
Competition 1 (readily available, much better versions out there)
Desirability 3 (with 7550 made, won't be hard to find)
Overall 31

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I think that was a fair review. :cheers

the interior and the wheels makes what otherwise is a very decent model horrible to say the least.

I have the Comm Ed. Z06 Z16, I have seriously considered swappin the interior of it out with a Maisto's

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I think they did ok. Im still saving up for that Z16. My heart burns for that one. :crying

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Good review. The AUTOart Z06 is a decent model for the money. They can be had fairly cheap lately. :cheers

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Is it just my or does anyone else think those wheels are not right!?!?!
The inner detail seems a bit large to me! I don't think I'll be buying one
of these! :fight It kinda makes me sick! :puke I've never been to crazy
about Ertl's wheels and tires, but this is just painful! :nutkick
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