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Ertl '72 Mustang Sprint in 1/18

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I picked this up last week end from His & Hers as I had beed waiting for a '72 Mustang to complete a lineup. Being $30-$40 car, there are some flaws but I am glad a '72 was finally made and this trim level to me is the most memorable of that year, until they make a convertible '72.

The flaws:
-As the Ertl '73's, they use a low-back seat with a square top and not the correct high-backs.
-The console is huge.
-The rear received the '73 Honeycomed treatment but they painted it blue.
-The motor is again some underscaled 302 looking-one (not as bad as their '70 Boss') but the sticker says 351- on an air cleaner that is not even close to a 71-73 one. (the engine from the S&H Torino looks more authentic than this one).
-The trunk is non-oppening eventhus this is an LE (not that there is nothing there to look at).
-There are some other like the shape of the tail lights, the '69 style engine-firewall brackets and the "dead" head lights

The plus':
-Great stance and dead-on body proportions.
-Great paint.
-Great graphics and Tampos.
-Good interior detail that they got mostly right with what they had to work with.
-Good looking Magnums (and proven correct by Scott S. on another site).

Here is some info I found on the 1:1-

Mustang celebrated the 1972 Olympics in Los Angeles with the Mustang Sprint. Sprints were white with blue rocker panel paint, hood stripes, and seat inserts and a USA shield on the rear quarter panel. All of the cars came with the standard "dog dish" hubcaps, but Magnum 500 wheels were an option. Ford made 800 Sprint fastbacks, and 50 convertibles were made for the Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival. It was recently learned that 6247 Sprint coupes were also offered. Ford also offered Sprint models of their smaller Mavericks and Pintos.

'72 engines available:

250cid 1V 6-cyl 98 hp L Code
302cid 2V V-8 140 hp F Code
351cid 2V V-8 177 hp H Code
351cid 4V V-8 266 hp Cobra Jet Q Code
351cid 4V V-8 275 hp High Output R Code

Convertible, standard $2,965
Coupe, standard $2,679
Coupe, Grandé, standard $2,865
Fastback, standard $2,736
Fastback, Mach 1, standard $3,003

Convertible 6,121
Coupe 57,350
Coupe, Grandé 18,045
Fastback 16,622
Fastback, Mach 1 27,675

Sprint Production
By Package and Body
Body Package A Package B Total
Coupe 5512 735 6247
Sportsroof 908 1178 3086
Convertible 50 0 50
Total 7470 1913 9383

This info came from www.themustangsource.com

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Congrats, looks great :coolpics
Very nice addition, Al... and great write-up too! :cheers

As for the "Sprint" editions of Mustangs, this is something I am somewhat familiar with, at least as far as the 1966 Sprint Mustang is concerned (as I owned one)! Here is a little history on this particular model:

The Sprint 200

The Mustang Sprint 200 was conceived in Spring of 1966 with two goals in mind. The celebration of the 1,000,000th Mustang sold was one; production constraints being the other. The 289 V8 was becoming increasingly difficult to supply in a reliable fashion. The solution for Ford was to get the public to buy Mustangs equipped with the 200 straight six, which would ease dependence on the 289 while increasing the profit margin.

Thus, the Sprint 200 decor group was born. Essentially, the package consisted of a chrome air cleaner atop the 200 I-6, an interior console, wire wheel covers, and a side accent stripe in place of the chrome quarter ornament.

Not mine, but a 66 Sprint none-the-less

View attachment 15655

The last item mentioned above, the fact that the "tri-bars" (chrome quarter oranaments) were left off reminds me of how many times I had to argue with people that they "were never there," and that "I did not remove them and bondo over the holes"! The Sprint Mustang simply did not have them! :giggle
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Congrats Al :cheers :coolpics :cool Stang
Thanks guys!
I would welcome a '66 Sprint into my collection! I did not know the tidbit about the tri-bars! I always thought that people left them of during repaints.

I friend in high-school had one that was warmed-over a bit and surprized many early '80's Camaros with it.
Wow! I am surprised there is actually something about Mustangs you did not know!! :giggle

Thats another solid piece even with the flaws. The color combo is a winner for me :cheers
That is a sharp looking Mustang Al :cheers
I actually remember these cars and I think that Ford did a similar paint job on the Pinto as well.
I can remember an advertisement that was in all the magazines of the day that had a picture of them.
Thanks guys!
Jeff, Here is one of the magazine ads that you are talking about:
Over 30 years ago and I still remember those!
Must have made quite an impression on me :cheers

Forgot all about the Maverick :giggle
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