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Here's the next review, guys. It's for the 1970 Dodge Charger (Fast and the Furious version)

This is undoubtedly the model's best feature. The application of the black is virtually perfect and there are no unevenly painted areas or rough edges. Only the silver paint around the doors and windows lets the paintwork down as its application is slightly rough.

The real Dodge Charger is a very large and imposing car and the model's accurate scale and proportions represent this very well. The model tips the scales at 900 grams and the parts fit reasonably well although the rear bumper could be fitted better to the rest of the model. The panel gaps could be tighter too.

The undercarriage detail is a lot better as the exhausts, fuel tank, engine, gearbox, driveshaft and differential can all be made out easily from beneath the model and they are separate pieces from the chassis, which itself is very detailed. The undercarriage detail saves the model from getting a lower score.

ERTL paid for exclusive rights to make the Fast and Furious version of the Charger in 1/18 so no other manufacturer makes it.

The model's accuracy is highly questionable and because ERTL are likely to have paid a substantial fee for exclusive rights, large numbers of the model would have to be made to re-coup the cost so the model is highly unlikely to become rare in the future. In addition there is a premium in the price to cover licensing costs.

This model is a disappointment, arguably the worst of the Fast and Furious models. The fundamental flaw is that ERTL based the model on the standard model of the Dodge Charger, rather than start from scratch. Even with its chronic lack of precision, it still looks good alongside the other models from the film.

Total Score - 27/50

Thanks to Diecast Muscle for the use of their pictures.

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I still want it even though it scored bad, I have seen several of these with the aerial and I think ERTL could have done a lot better on this model even thpugh most of the F&F models dont have accurate engine detailing eg: Brian's eclipse has green trim on the engine but the model is all black

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I think the rear wheels were a bit small for the charger as well, bigger rubber at the back would've improved the overall look.
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