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I did my first custom project over the weekend with my ERTL Dodge Charger (from the Fast and the Furious) because I wasn't very satisfied with its toy-like appearance on the interior and in the engine bay.

As you can see I've added rear windows along with modifying the rollcage and removing the passenger seat as well as painting and wiring up the engine.

Modified rollcage

Engine bay before painting

Engine bay after painting

Engine bay with wiring

What do you guys think? :feedback

I think............

you just made it a whole lot better and put ERTL to shame!! When I get one of these, can you explain to me step by step how you dun those mods coz I want to make mine look realistic too.btw how much do these cost in U.S?? the cheapest I can find in australia is $92 AUD ($64 U.S)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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