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As I said yesterday, I've re-written the review for the Mitsubishi Eclipse (Fast and Furious version) by ERTL, no thanks to those hackers.

The paint is applied very well without any rough edges or unpainted areas. The graphics are applied by tampo-painting. However the green paint is too bright in colour.

The model's scale and proportions are accurate. The opening parts fit reasonably well to the main body work but the panel gaps between the rear hatch and the body could be tighter. The headlights are made from separate plastic pieces but their appearance is rather toy-like. The rear light cluster is better rendered with a large piece of transparent red plastic. The keyhole in the cluster is simulated by a tiny black dot in the centre of it. However the two mounting posts are clearly visible on the rear light cluster. The reverse lights can't be faulted at all. All of the logos are present except for the ALPINE logo (probably due to licensing costs). The air dam and brake air intakes are not perforated and have mesh-effect moulded plastic. The roof scoop isn't perforated either as a black stripe of paint simulates the opening. The rear wing is made from two separate elements and the adjustment pins are moulded in the uprights of the wing. The fuel filler is correctly painted black but the chrome filler cap is absent. The licence plate is correct as well.


This is probably the model's biggest failing. While the centre console may have many mouldings and the dials are in the place, there is almost no fine paint detail to add to the realism. The seats are too thick and the Sparco logo is absent from the headrests. The seatbelts/racing harnesses are also moulded (and painted) into the seats but the black, orange and yellow markings are absent from them. The pedals are too thick as is the knob on the gear stick. The two buttons that activate the nitrous injection are absent from the seat. In addition, the interior's ceiling is incomplete.

The biggest fault with the interior is the position of the nitrous oxide canisters - the real car has two chrome nitrous oxide canisters in the rear seats but the model's rear seats are empty - there is only a single blue canister in the trunk with a fire extinguisher. Such a glaring fault makes one wonder if ERTL guessed what the interior of the real car looked liked rather than acquire pictures of the real car's interior.


The tyres aren't branded but the tread looks accurate. The wheels are reasonably well simulated and the wheel nuts are fairly well defined. The brake discs have grooves but the grooves are too thick and although the brake calipers have some detail, they are fixed to the discs so the brake discs do not rotate with the wheels.


Although the engine has most of the correct wiring and fine mouldings, it is all black and grey plastic whereas the real car's engine bay had plenty of blue and yellow wiring with chrome cam covers. The lack of colour in the model's engine bay detracts from realism.

The undercarriage detail is also lacking - only part of the engine, the exhaust pipe and the fuel tank can be made out clearly from the chassis. In addition the tail pipe is too thick.

ERTL paid a hefty fee for exclusive rights to make the cars from the two Fast and the Furious films as 1/18 models so no other manufacturer makes them.

As ERTL paid such a large sum to secure exclusive rights to make this model, they'd need to sell them in big numbers to re-coup the cost so the model is very unlikely to be rare.

ERTL made some effort in making this model and its quality is rather good for an ERTL but it won't be worrying the likes of Maisto or the Beanstalk Group - arguably the two best budget model manufacturers at the moment.
The interior is the model's biggest failing but on the whole the model is a decent one and it looks very much in place alongside the other models from the Fast and Furious films.

Total Score - 30/50

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